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“Fuel for Intestinal villi growth”

ButiPEARL™ is an encapsulated source of butyric acid manufactured using Kemin’s proprietary spray freezing process, named as MicroPEARLS. It allows slow and sustained release of butyric acid in the Intestinal tract. 

Role of Butyric Acid

Butyric acid is one of the short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) efficiently used & preferred source by the enterocytes of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract over glucose.

However, Butyric acid is a volatile and corrosive molecule characterized by a very unpleasant pungent odor, which restricts its processing in animal feed. In addition, it is rapidly absorbed by mucosal cells in upper part well before reaching small intestine. Thus different salts & coating of butyrate are used. These are soluble, generally more stable, less odorous, and easier to handle in the feed manufacturing process. Slower the solubility due to coating, better the efficacy of product.

Benefits of Butyric Acid

  • Butyric acid enhances enterocyte proliferation and differentiation.
  • Small intestinal villus height and crypt depth is increased under the influence of butyric acid.
  • Intestinal tight junction protein assembly is increased under the influence of butyric acid.
  • Butyric acid enhances mucous production from intestinal goblet cells.
  • Butyric acid enhancers the expression of heat shock proteins in enterocytes.

Delivering butyric acid at the right place, right time, due to sustained release process.

  • Particles of butyric acid salt are embedded in the MicroPEARLS matrix during the manufacturing process.
  • Coating ensures MicroPEARLS are not digested immediately.
  • MicroPEARLS technology, prevents the rapid metabolization of the butyric acid in the upper GIT, thereby increasing the area of influence of the molecule.
  • Sustained release of butyrate along the gastrointestinal tract.
  • The released material disassociates into butyric acid and calcium. The butyric acid will be absorbed by the epithelial cells of the intestinal tract. In the end, pearls look like empty shells.
  • Due to sustained delivery by ButiPEARL, the grown & matured enterocytes prevents the translocation of pathogen through enterocytes. Prevention occurs due to better function of transcellular proteins and intestinal tight junctions.



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