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Sal CURB™ - The Solution for Reducing Bacteria in Poultry Feed

Salmonellosis is one of the most dreadful diseases in poultry. Salmonella bacteria are capable of causing enteritis and septicemia in young birds. The route of infection is oral and morbidity is generally very high. Plus, the susceptibility of vertical transmission makes it a potent threat to breeder farms.

Feed-borne infections can be avoided by using Sal CURB®. It is a blend of organic acids with formaldehyde. The product also contains a surfactant component, which allows the organic acids to distribute uniformly and thoroughly on the feed particles. Kemin applies it to the feed through a state-of-the-art applicator, coating around the feed particles, killing the existing microbes and protecting it from recontamination.

Sal CURB™: Kemin’s brand of Salmonella control feed additives


· A synergistic blend of multiple organic acids with and without formaldehyde for rapid killing of Salmonella.

· A wide range of products is available: Liquid and powder forms, formaldehyde, and non-formaldehyde-based formulations.


· Safeguards raw feedstuff and feed from salmonella contamination and recontamination.

· Helps in reducing the horizontal transmission of Salmonella through the feed.

· Avoids the negative effect of heat treatment, which often causes nutrients and vitamins losses in feed.

· Customers have a variety of choices to meet their unique application needs.

Sal CURB product variants

Product Feature Form Rate of Application
Sal CURB K2 liquid Blend of organic acid Liquid 1-1.5 kg per ton of feed
Sal CURB ASF Blend of organic acid and aqueous formaldehyde Liquid 1 kg per ton of feed
Sal CURB Dry New Blend of organic acid and anti-microbial compound Powder 1-2 kg per ton of feed

Sal CURB™ Application and Support

Kemin has a wide range of Sal CURB™ products to cater to different customers’ needs. It has a team of dedicated engineers to support the application of Sal CURB™ in both liquid and powder forms, and applicators that are custom designed to suit the needs of different feed mills.

Sal CURB is available in the following variations:

  • Sal CURB ASF – This product is designed to have a rapid action on the pathogens. It includes anti-microbial compounds, organic acids, and surfactant. It is specifically used in situations where the feed has more microbial load and the feed storage period is less. The recommended applied rate is 1 kilogram per ton of feed.
  • Sal CURB Liquid – A complete hygiene programme for breeder feed, comprised of organic acids and surfactant. With a sustained effect on the feed, Sal CURB Liquid is suitable for feeds where the storage period is more than a week.  It can keep the feed Salmonella-free for up to 21 days. The recommended application rate is 2 kilograms per ton of feed.
  • Sal CURB RMS – This product is a part of a programme for raw material treatment for eliminating the pathogenic bacteria.

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