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The Reproduction Formula

Increased genetic potential for milk production is also associated with increased demand of nutritional management to maintain the reproductive efficiency of dairy animals. A rapid increase in nutrients requirement has been observed in dairy animals just after parturition to support the sudden onset of high milk production. In most of the cases, this nutritional insufficiency leads towards occurrence of reproductive disorders like; anoestrus or repeat breeding and eventually decline in fertility of dairy animals (Butler, 2000).

Importance of specific nutrients like; Vitamins and Minerals in improving reproduction performance have been already established by various researchers and now scientific fraternity is exploring few more functional nutrients like; omega-3 fatty acids to overcome the reproductive issues. Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, especially docosahexaenoic  acid  (DHA; C22: 6n-3) and eicosapentaenoic  acid  (EPA; C20: 5n-3),  play an important  physiological  role  during  pregnancy,  both  in  the  pregnant  dam  and  in  the  unborn  calf,  as  they  are critical for the development of the central nervous system (Koletzko et al., 2007) and the reproductive system (Stoffel et al., 2008).

Kemin, is pioneer in providing modern scientific solutions to its customers to transform their quality of life. In this context, Kemin presents, Repromin™, a unique blend of critical functional nutrients essential for reproduction in lactating animals such as omega-3 fatty acids (DHA & EPA), vitamins and highly bioavailable organic minerals.  Repromin™ reduces nutritional deficiency and improves the biological functions that in due course leads to improved reproduction efficiency of dairy animals.

Key Benefits of Repromin™:

 With the help of its unique combination of critical functional nutrients, Repromin™ helps in improvement of reproduction efficiency of dairy animals. Repromin™ is recommended in dairy animals to:

·       Reduce inter calving period.

·       Prevent cases of repeat breeding and anoestrus.

·       Improve onset of heat and oestrus symptoms.

·       Avoid delayed maturity in heifers.

*References are available on request

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