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Growth Promoter


Starting strong lays, the foundation for an irrepressible performance. For an Industry which strives to sustainably ensure food security to the society, the consistency of performance becomes even more indispensable, not only for profitability but also for social food security.

Essentiality of Early-Stage Nutrition

The importance of optimum early bird nutrition has been reinstated several times in practical and theoretical understanding. In all sort of livestock, early-stage body weight is often considered a crucial factor to predict the lifelong performance. The reason being that the structural and physiological development during early stages of life set the foundation for performance later. These developments demand an array of micronutrients and bioactive compounds that are vital for development and metabolism.

Growth Promoter Need

In practical conditions due to variations amongst the flock and managemental practices, the requirement of growth, are often unmet through feed and require a strong growth promotional support through drinking water. The solution needs to be capable enough to meet the requirements in all respects while delivering optimum returns over the made investment.

ALTUM™ is a comprehensively formulated growth promoter endeavors to break stereotypes and combine essential amino acids, trace minerals, vitamins, probiotics, L-carnitine and chromium propionate together for enhanced effectiveness. The solution recommended to be supplemented through drinking water is competent enough to cover both; the essentialities of early bird nutrition and provide nutritional support during performance.


The application of the solution ranges from early stages of life to body weight improvement in underweight birds and further as a regular growth support in high performing flocks.

The dosage recommendations range from 3-5 g per 100 birds depending upon the bird requirement.

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