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Immunity and Stress Management


Immunomodulation and Stress Mitigation Solution

Stress in Poultry production

Fruitful completion of livestock rearing process needs a combination of various successful steps due to it being dependent on multiple factors. Knowingly or unknowingly the birds are subjected to stress in one form or other, limiting their ability to perform up to their genetic potential. The stressors can originate from profoundly visible factors such as environmental alterations, change in feed and water quality, disease stress to visibly oblivious factors such as insufficient floor space, bird movement, and other managemental gaps.

Exposure to Stressors: Outcome

Stress of any kind alleviates the blood cortisone levels and manifests in form of cellular glucose deficiency and increased oxidation activity due to Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) as accompanied with immunosuppression as an after effect (Bahrami, 2012; Lee & Han, 2018; Ratriyanto & Mosenthin, 2018). The outcome of such a physiological scenario not only hampers the production performance but also predispose the birds to disease challenges.

The eventual outcome is exhibited in terms of production drop and even bird mortality questioning the economic stability of any commercial poultry operation.

Immunomodulation & Stress Mitigation

The strategy of mitigating stress needs precise investment in solutions that addresses both the root cause of the stress origin and also counter the aftereffects. Solutions for stress management can be more effective, precise, and customized in implemented on farm level through drinking water. Durim™ is such an approach to prevent the genesis of stress through organic chromium propionate which promotes cellular entry of glucose (Al-Sultan et al., 2019) and plays a crucial role in stress mitigation. The approach gets fortified through antistress vitamins that counter the effects of oxidation. Further, to ameliorate the water loss during hot climatic extremes the product incorporates Betaine as an osmoregulatory molecule. This triple pronged approach not only acts as an antistress solution but also as an immunomodulation strategy to enhance the immunoglobulin titers.


Durim™ can be recommended in drinking water at 5-20 g per bird as per the stage and requirement.


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