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KemTRACE® for Ruminant

KemTRACE® - Adding Value through Metal Propionates 

Trace minerals are essential components of cattle feed for normal function, reproduction, immunity and production. Kemtrace is an innovative, proven, safe and highly bioavailable mineral source which is formulated as per dairy cattle requirement. The full genetic potential of modern cattle breeds can be achieved by supplementing with the highly bioavailable Kemtrace organic trace minerals.

The minerals in Kemtrace are highly retained metal propionates. Kemtrace is manufactured to international standards in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility certified by International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Feed Additive and Pre-Mixture Quality Systems (FAMI-QS), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

Metal propionates of Kemtrace ensure:

  1. Complete solubility. A mineral must become soluble before it can readily dissociate. As such, minerals with low solubilities, such as metal oxides, have a relatively small chance for eventual cellular uptake.
  2. Optimal rate of dissociation. If too much of a mineral dissociates in the rumen or dissociates before reaching the intestinal binding sites, the mineral may be recompiled to form tightly bound complexes that may simply wash through the system without the mineral being utilized.
  3. Optimal dissociation timing. Some organic minerals that are too tightly chelated and may not have a very high rate of dissociation prior to reaching the absorption sites.
  4. Optimal absorption and retention in the animal. Some minerals, even after absorption, may pass through the urine and not be utilized by the animal.

Metal propionate minerals are highly soluble, dissociate at a rate that is approximately equal to the need or availability of the respective metal transport sites throughout the GI tract, and highly absorbed & maximum retained.

With Kemtrace, there is not a "flood" of ionized minerals at a given point in the digestive system, but rather an appropriate supply of minerals made available where it is needed and can be utilized the most. Basically, metal propionates solubilize and dissociate at the desired place in the digestive tract as well as being absorbed and retained the maximum in the animal body.

Kemtrace variants:

  1. Kemtrace® Star
  2. Kemtrace® Star K
  3. Kemtrace® MAXIM
  4. Kemtrace® OptiMAX
  5. Kemtrace® Dry


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