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A variety of raw materials like maize, bajra, broken rice, wheat, etc. are used in the layer diet. The presence of non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) in plant-based feeds reduces feed digestibility and Apparent Metabolizable Energy (AME). Arabinoxylans with Beta-glucans, Mannans & Cellulose constitute the majority of NSP.

The branching structure of arabinoxylans throws a challenge on the efficiency of xylanase. Among commonly used grains corn has a relatively complex branched chain followed by bajra and wheat.  KEMZYME® XPF is a unique solution for handling multiple NSP in the feed. 

How KEMZYME XPF works 

KEMZYME XPF contains Xylanase with Xylanase Potentiating Factor (XPF) which works on straight as well as branched chain arabinoxylans in feed raw materials. KEMZYME XPF also has Sustained Release Amylase (SRA) for delivering amylase to targeted size in jejunum for improving the efficiency of starch digestion.  Xylanase Potentiating Factor (XPF) & Sustain Release Amylase (SRA) are patented for improving carbohydrate utilization.

KEMZYME XPF also have multiple enzymes Beta-glucans, mannanase & cellulose for increasing NSP breakdown and increasing the metabolizable energy.

Benefits of KEMZYME XPF

  • Better energy utilization form multiple raw materials
  • Additional AME of up to 75 Kcal
  • Improvement in egg production/MT of feed
  • Improvement in yolk pigmentation



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