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AcidLAC™ W Conc Liquid

AcidLAC™ W Conc Liquid offers the uniqueness of solving the need for water sanitation and acidification in a single solution. The time-tested blending of organic acids along with a potent antipathogenic molecule ensures requisite and sustained water sanitation along with much-needed water acidification in a single product.

Moreover, this combination offers ease of usage and application on-farm level even by the on-farm ground force. Additionally, the optimized organic acid composition leads to gut health benefits across bird types and ages.

Product Description:

It is a synergistic blend of selected organic acids along with efficient antimicrobial activity which ensures optimized and wholesome drinking water for poultry.


  • Reduces microbial load in water and helps for better gut flora
  • Acts efficiently against biofilms in the waterlines
  • Improvement of bird health, growth, and livability
  • Improves weight gain and decreases mortality
  • Compatible with antibiotics


1 ml in 4 L of Water continuously

Packaging: 5 Kg and 60 Kg


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