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About KEMZYME XPF Advance

The presence of non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) in plant-based feeds reduces feed digestibility and apparent metabolizable energy (AME). Arabinoxylans with Beta-glucans, Mannans & Cellulose constitute the majority of NSP.

Kemzyme XPF Advance is an effective thermostable solution for handling multiple NSP in the feed. The Product contains Xylanase Potentiating Factor (XPF), Sustained Release Amylase (SRA) multiple NSP enzymes for increasing nutrient digestibility and energy efficiency. 

How KEMZYME XPF Advance works 

The branching structure of arabinoxylans throws a challenge on the efficiency of xylanase. Among commonly used grains, corn has a relatively complex branched chain followed by bajra and wheat 

KEMZYME® XPF is a unique combination of patented Xylanase Potentiating Factor (XPF), Sustained Release Amylase (SRA) with cellulase, mannanase, xylanase, Beta-glucanase, and amylase.

XPF cleaves the branching structure of arabinoxylans and enhances access of xylanase and other NSPases. The Breakdown of arabinoxylans side chain reduces viscosity, support gut integrity, and enhance animal performance. SRA improves the starch digestion beyond the duodenum and enhances the productive performance. 

Benefits of KEMZYME XPF Advance

  • Enhance the energy efficiency of diets
  • Body weight and FCR improvement
  • Reformulation opportunity for 100-125 kcal energy to reduce feed cost
  • Flexibility to use alternate protein sources in the diet
  • Reduction in viscosity of gastrointestinal tract (GIT)

Inclusion level

  • Product to be used at 100 gm/MT of Feed 
Kemzyme XPF Advance Brochure

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