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Feed Processing & Feed Safety

As a global leader in animal feed solutions, you know you can count on Kemin for quality feed products. We are happy to strengthen our focus on high-quality liquid feed products among the reliable feed solutions we offer our customers. Our liquid feed solutions allow us to successfully serve multiple segments of the feed production industry, from bundled feed raw materials to feed processing to bundled forage.

Our Kemin SMART™ advisory team will not only provide a reliable feed solution, but we can offer a complete set of services to help you implement that solution, from laboratory testing to product application to technical support.

Grain Storage Treatment

Preventing mold growth after harvest and during storage is essential to retaining grain quality and preserving nutritional value. Nothing can be done to improve the actual quality of grain in storage, so maintaining the quality that exists at the time of harvest is the goal. Preventing mold growth not only helps preserve nutrients, it can help reduce the formation of harmful mycotoxins.

To combat these issues, Kemin created cost-effective solutions such as flaked grain treatments and grain storage preservatives to prevent mold growth. Kemin is recognized in the feed industry for pioneering the use of blended organic acids to control mold and wild yeast growth. Over the years, Kemin has thoroughly tested, evaluated and perfected various combinations to arrive at cutting-edge products like Myco CURB®

Milling Efficiency & Grain Treatment Solutions

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