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Ammonia Control

Ammonia is a highly irritating, colorless gas having a sharp pungent odor. It is produced by microbiological decomposition of nitrogen in manure. High ammonia accumulation in animal houses is toxic and leads to devastating effects on animal health and production. Disorders may start appearing from levels as low as 10ppm and may cause major problems at 30ppm as per NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) and 50ppm as per OSHA- (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Also, Ammonia levels increase with increased temperature and moisture in animal house.

Undigested protein in presence of Urease enzyme goes through fecal microbial degradation and forms uric acid. This Uric acid in presence of high moisture, temperature forms ammonia.

Accumulation of Ammonia in animal houses may result in negative effects on health and production of animals. Adapting proper management practices will help in providing better protection.

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