India MasterMIN™ Benefits Poultry

MasterMIN is a highly bioavailable form of sulphate minerals, which are readily bioavailable inorganic minerals. Raw materials used for mineral formation have a 100% chance of contamination with heavy metal and dioxin content.

Dioxin and heavy metals lead to liver toxicity. MasterMIN contains heavy metal and dioxin content below detectable limit. Kemin ensures not only the quality of raw materials, but also finished products. The finished product is analysed by CALTAX, an organization responsible for testing the material according to European Union guidelines.

MasterMIN contains organic chromium, which is highly bioavailable to birds compared to inorganic chromium. Chromium propionate:

  • Alleviates the negative effects of heat stress by reducing the release of the stress corticosteroids
  • Increases the immunity of birds by boosting immune cells
  • Improves insulin function, restoring the cell glucose level function

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