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Proteus® Case Study | Download

Today's consumers have never had more information at their fingertips, making them savvier than ever when it comes to food choices. Cost and convenience have become top-of-mind considerations. This leaves manufacturers with the challenging task of producing high-quality meats at lower prices. Learn how Kemin® can help in our latest Case Study.

Achieve Juicier Margins with Proteus®

This case study explores the features and benefits of Proteus®, a clean label functional protein, which can be used as an alternative to phosphate, or in addition to phosphate. ​ It explores how Proteus® can help manufacturers meet consumer expectations for convenient, high-quality meat at affordable prices. ​ While emphasizing the advantages, such as enhanced moisture retention, improved texture, and juicier mouthfeel. ​

By downloading this case study, you will also gain access to the results of a study that showed how Proteus® improved process yield and worked as a meat block component in beef meatballs.

The Proof is in the Proteus®

The objective of this study was to show the efficacy of Proteus® B010 Dry-confirming its ability to increase process yield and function as a meat block component in all beef, fully cooked, and frozen meatballs. Batches of meatballs were formed and cooked containing various levels of Proteus®, then they were evaluated for texture, sensory, and cook yield.

Download our complimentary case study now to see how Proteus® can help improve juiciness, texture, and yield in all-beef meatballs—all while meeting consumer demands.