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Freshness Matters in Bakery & Snack Foods

Consumers are looking for bakery and snack foods that are crisp with a nice texture and are visually appealing. Kemin provides the solutions that protect the fats and oils in bakery and snack foods including crackers, biscuits and cookies.

Appearance is the crucial first impression and an important deciding factor for consumers when they make their purchasing decisions. Obviously, a less than desirable appearance equates to a less than fresh or desirable product. Frosted cupcakes or donuts need to look freshly frosted, while crisp and crunchy popcorn, nuts and other savory snacks need to look as if they just emerged from the popper, roaster or oven.

Once they have purchased their favorite baked good or snack, consumers expect to experience sensory attributes that pay off on the promise suggested by your product's fresh appearance.

A loss of freshness means your product may lose:

  • Taste
  • Mouthfeel
  • Moisture
  • Softness
  • Crispness


Oxidation is the Enemy

Oxidation is the result of a multitude of internal factors including degree of unsaturated and water activity, and external factors, such as processing and storage conditions. Oxidation can negatively impact the color and flavor of bakery and snack foods.

Our oxidation control solutions can help to:

  • Significantly delay or prevent lipid oxidation
  • Extend shelf life
Bakery and Snack Food Oxidation Guide

Kemin Oxidation Solutions

Our wide range of solutions work by delaying lipid oxidation and can be used in multiple applications including cookies, biscuits, nuts and crackers.

Click the images below to learn more about our products.

EN-HANCE® is a line of traditional synthetic antioxidants and blends formulated with time-tested active ingredients. Our EN-HANCE portfolio includes individual and blends of BHA, BHT, TBHQ, Ascorbyl Palmitate and Propyl Gallate.


FORTIUM® MT is a robust line of liquid tocopherol blends. Tocopherols, commonly known as Vitamin E, are label-friendly plant-derived molecules that help prevent lipid oxidation. FORTIUM MT is a desirable alternative to time-tested synthetic antioxidants.


FORTIUM® R is a line of label-friendly rosemary extract ingredients. Rosemary extract is comprised of multiple phenolic compounds that serve different functions including delaying lipid oxidation. Our FORTIUM R line is available in liquid, dry and concentrated forms.


Oxidation Testing & Lab Services

Baking and snack manufacturers may answer the call for clean labels in several ways, from simply selecting ingredients that provide multiple functions or can be described in simple terms, to creating an all-natural version of your successful brand with a new, clean label formula. Research indicates there are specific food ingredients consumers want to avoid, and as a result, food formulators are working diligently to clean up nutrition labels on a variety of products, from savory to sweet.

In either case, Kemin plant-derived ingredients are technically sophisticated, proven to perform, and consumer-friendly. 

Looking for a faster speed to market? Our Customer Lab Services team has you covered. Our scientists can evaluate the oxidative stability of your bakery and snack foods using a combination of analytical techniques and instruments to help determine the best solutions for your challenges.

With a wide range of services and solutions, Kemin can help you find the best solution to solve your bakery and snack food oxidation challenges. Reach out today for support.



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