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Customer Laboratory Services

In addition to keeping your product fresher, safer, longer with our oxidation control and food safety solutions, Kemin also provides a wide range of services to better serve your needs. 

Our Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) team uses their technical expertise and problem-solving skills to determine the source of your product’s specific challenges in order to develop a tailored food protection solution. The CLS team provides dedicated support throughout all phases of testing to understand the influences of all food ingredients on the stability of your final product, to keep it safe and fresh.

Reduced Testing Time for Better Speed to Market

Whether you are formulating a new product or reformulating an existing one, CLS can help reduce your testing time and meet your go-to-market goals. Our team will work with you to determine your desired project objectives and provide you with a customized study to reach your unique shelf life goals.


Oxidation Testing

Our scientists evaluate the oxidative stability of your food products using a variety of analytical techniques that measure the level of lipid oxidation by-products that cause off-flavors and off-odors in foods, as well as color degradation. Our capabilities include:

  • Hexanals
  • L*a*b* values
  • Peroxide value
  • TBARS (Thiobarbituric acid reactive substances)
  • Oxipres

Microbial Spoilage

For microbial spoilage testing, Kemin uses the following methods of analyses: non-inoculated studies and challenge studies, including, but not limited to:

  • Aerobic plate counts
  • Disk diffusion/microtiter plate



Sensory Evaluation

We have our own in-house sensory lab where we conduct appearance, taste and rheological sensory testing on a variety of food applications, including tortillas and baked goods. Our testing capabilities include:

  • Hedonic Sensory
  • Mixolab 
  • Triangle Test
  • Texture Profile Analysis

In addition to our analytical and physical testing, our CLS team can also provide accelerated shelf life evaluation using controlled temperature and humidity environments. Let our CLS team help you maximize the ingredient efficiency of your products by helping to determine the most effective treatment for your food, identify the correct inclusion rate and help establish the most effective point of application for your product.

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Bakery Innovation Center

Our Bakery Innovation Center assists bakery manufacturers in solving real, everyday challenges, as well as developing the next generation of bakery products. We have the equipment and expertise to help solve your bakery challenges. Our 2,300 square foot facility is fully equipt with an analytical lab, pilot scale production and more. Click here to see our virtual tour>