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Food Ingredient Solutions

Oxidation, microbial spoilage, quality or yield challenges? Kemin is here to provide solutions to these common food production and shelf life challenges. Consumers expect their food to taste the same every time. When your product doesn’t meet that expectation, it can lead to problems with brand loyalty. Our team of Kemin experts will work with you to help solve these challenges to meet consumer expectations.


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Food Safety

Food safety is vital to keeping your product on the shelves and your customers happy. Microbial spoilage is often a major factor affecting the shelf life of meat & poultry and bakery & snack products. Kemin is committed to helping keep your food safe and fresh with our antimicrobials and mold inhibitors.

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Functional Proteins

Yield and operational efficiencies are of highest priority during production. Failure in any of these areas can have a major impact on your bottom line. Our line of functional proteins can help to improve yield, increase moisture retention, and more in your meat and poultry products.

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Oxidation Control

When it comes to keeping your food fresh and tasty, oxidation is the enemy. Our line of oxidation control solutions allows you to keep your products tasting and looking fresh for longer. From synthetic antioxidants to plant extracts, we have options to help you create the best product.

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