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Improve the Textural Quality of Baked Goods

When it comes to food, textural quality is key. Whether it’s texture, appearance or taste, the quality of your product is what helps to create brand loyalty. The desired texture of a food can be subjective based on the consumer’s preference. Generally speaking, a consumer expects a chip to be crispy and crunchy and baked goods to be soft and chewy.

As a manufacturer, your product must meet their expectations each and every time. Consumers expect their tortillas to be soft and rollable, and their breads to have an appealing bite. Texture plays a big role in consumer perception of the quality of food. Making sure your product meets the desired shelf life, sensory and textural attributes is where Kemin comes in.



Texture Degradation

There are many factors that can lead to textural degradation. One, is the amount of moisture in the product. The increase in water activity levels in products like tortillas can lead to mold growth. However, not enough moisture in the product can lead it to being dry, crumbly and/or hard.

Achieving the appropriate moisture level is crucial to meeting the shelf life and quality of your product. Another critical factor is the chemical and enzymatic activity that occurs throughout the processing, baking and shelf life of the product. Over time, these reactions can cause quality issues within the dough and lead to texture, color, flavor, and odor degradation in final product.

At Kemin, we work with you to help you create the ideal formulation to meet a variety processing demands including machinability of dough, as well as to retain the textural quality over the entire shelf life of the final product.


Creating Your Ideal Texture

Kemin formulation experts will work with you to help determine the best mix of solutions and processing conditions for your individual products. Minor ingredients can do major things in formulation, it is important to review the entire formulation and how various ingredients work together to determine the optimal blend to achieve your goals.

  • Premixes and complete batch packs can give you the formulation and processing flexibility you need. During this time of labor challenges and raw material uncertainties, having a variety of options can provide manufacturers security through reduction in the handling and weighing of multiple ingredients -  increasing efficiencies, reducing waste and potential human error.  Our line of dough conditioners, softeners, emulsifiers, and enzyme blends help target specific issues such as machinability, foldability, and rollability.
  • Enzymes and emulsifiers act as dough conditioners and strengtheners in your baked goods. Dough conditioners help to improve many qualities in your baked good from the production handling to the consistency of the dough to the crumb consistency and chewy texture. By blending enzymes and emulsifiers together you can target specific attributes in your baked good. Whether you are dealing with reformulation, changing consumer demands or seasonal variations in flour crops our team can help assist you in meeting your desired goals.

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