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Tortilla Ingredients

Tortillas have been a staple food and key component in Mexican cuisine for generations. Now a staple in U.S. cuisine, the tortilla category is enjoying year over year growth in a wide variety of offerings, from traditional Mexican dishes to newer fare including wraps and snacks.

What is feeding this increase in tortilla demands?

  • Population growth of Hispanic consumers in the U.S.
  • Increased consumption of Mexican food in the average U.S. consumer diet
  • The rising number of health-conscious consumers1

Whether it’s the retail or foodservice sector, there is no denying the increased popularity of tortillas in the US. So, how can manufacturers capitalize on this trend? By producing a great-tasting tortilla that meets the demand of the health-conscious tortilla consumer.

These health-conscious consumers have an awareness of the health benefits associated with the consumption of healthy and natural food products,2 which in turn is helping to drive a steady rise in tortilla sales, as manufacturers work to meet diverse dietary demands.3 Organic, gluten-free, low-carb, and high-fiber are just a few of these trends consumers are demanding, but they can come with formulation challenges. That’s where Kemin can help.


Tortilla Solutions

The Kemin tortilla product line allows both corn and flour tortilla manufacturers to improve the shelf life and/or quality of their tortilla product. Kemin works with customers one-on-one to help find the best formulation for your tortilla needs. We work with you to go through your ingredient formulation, product goals and manufacturing capabilities to make sure we make the proper product recommendation.

TillaPack™ FSS

TillaPack™ FSS is our batch pack product line for food service style flour tortillas formulated to improve tortilla rollability, extensibility and shelf life. 

TillaPack™ GS

TillaPack™ GS is our batch pack product line for gordita style or casera style flour tortillas formulated to improve tortilla rollability, extensibility and shelf life.


The TillaZyme™ line is our range of enzyme blends for corn tortillas. TillaZyme helps retain moistness and interferes with the retrogradation process, a key contributor to staling. TillaZyme helps reduce the rate of staling, resulting in a softer product with moistness, improved flexibility and no breaking or drying.


Our TillaSoft™ line is our range of dough conditioners and softeners for flour tortillas. TillaSoft helps improve the dough softness and extensibility of flour tortillas. In addition, this product can help delay the retrogradation process in flour tortillas so your customer doesn’t experience stale tortillas.

Our solutions combined with our technical expertise, in-depth quality testing and our state-of-the-art Bakery Innovation Center allows manufacturers to find the ideal solution for their tortilla needs. 

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