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Proteus® Functional Proteins

When consumers bite into meat and poultry products they expect it to be juicy and flavorful. One of the largest hurdles meat manufacturers face is ensuring the quality attributes of their products can withstand abusive cooking techniques within food service settings or at home. 

Moisture retention and yield enhancement of proteins are essential to offering high quality products, leading to the brand’s success.



Historically, meat processors have used phosphates to help improve the textural and quality parameters of proteins, but as consumers continue to demand clean label ingredients, finding a solution that meets these requirements is a must. That’s where Kemin comes in. The newest addition to the Kemin portfolio of products is Proteus®, a line of functional proteins. This line of ingredients provides meat and poultry manufacturers a clean label, yield enhancement solution.

How it Works

Muscle proteins in meat and poultry are large, highly structured molecules that prevent them from interacting with water or other proteins. Our patented, muscle and water technology, expands the protein structure to expose natural water or protein binding sites that were previously hidden.  This allows your meat and poultry products to retain moisture with label-friendly ingredients as an alternative or in addition to using high levels of salt or chemical additives such as phosphates.

Proteus® can provide

  • Improved Bite and Natural Texture – Compared to products using phosphates or other yield enhancing additives, our technology will provide a juicier product with a natural taste, appearance, and feel
  • Allergen Free and Reduced Sodium Labeling – Proteus offers increased cook yields with reduced sodium contribution as compared to sodium phosphates or high levels of salt.  It is also a great alternative to traditional fillers that are often labeled allergens, such as soy
  • Increased Yields and Reduced Purge – Proteus helps retain moisture throughout the entire processing and cooking process which leads to a reduction in purge and increased cook yield for better plate coverage
  • Longer Holding Times – Meat and poultry products retain moisture for longer periods of time, even under harsh conditions often time realized in food service settings such as over-cooking, under heat lamps, rewarming, etc.

Not only can Kemin help you achieve your moisture retention and yield enhancement goals in meat and poultry, but we can also help keep your meat color and flavor fresher, longer, while protecting it from oxidation and pathogens. Learn more about our oxidation control and food safety ingredients.

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Regulatory compliance varies by region. Consult with your regulatory representative for specific applications and labeling.