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Consumers view color as the determining factor in the quality of fresh meat and poultry. They rely on the color of the meat alone to determine its freshness. To put it simply, they expect fresh meat to be bright red, cured meat to be light pink and ground poultry to be light or dark pink. Any variation from these colors deters the consumer from buying the product. Therefore, it is imperative for manufacturers to prevent color loss in their meat and poultry products, in order to keep consumers coming back for more.

Kemin provides color protection solutions to delay color loss and provide manufacturers with these visually desirable products that meet customers’ expectations.

FORTIUM A – an acerola extract based antioxidant – is a rich source of ascorbic acid that is designed for maximum effectiveness against color degradation. Acerola extract helps delay color loss by effectively delaying the oxidation of the iron ion in the myoglobin molecule. Not only does acerola extract protect the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of products for an extended time as a single ingredient solution, it is also an excellent consumer-friendly option for meat manufacturers.

Acerola extract keeps fresh meat color (myoglobin) in its reduced state allowing it to retain its color. Acerola powder is also well known in the meat and poultry industry not only for its color protection in meat and poultry products but also for its cure accelerating abilities.


While acerola extract is an effective color protector on its own, it becomes even more effective when used in combination with other plant extracts such as rosemary extract and green tea extract.

The video below shows how acerola extract capitalizes on the unique benefits of both extracts to maximize flavor and color retention during long-term storage for enhanced protection. When used in combination with rosemary and green tea extracts, acerola extract is more effective at delaying discoloration than acerola, rosemary and green tea extracts alone. Both FORTIUM A and blends of acerola extract with other plant extracts are available in dry and liquid forms and are recommended depending on packaging and processing conditions. 

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