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With growing microbial challenges, creating food safety solutions has become more important than ever before. While manufacturers are pushing for effective food safety solutions, consumers are also demanding familiar ingredients to do the job.

At Kemin, we recognize the need for consumer-friendly ingredients for meat safety with BactoCEASE NV, a buffered vinegar for pathogen control.

BactoCEASE NV is a label-friendly vinegar-based product for food safety designed to protect meat and poultry products from foodborne pathogens and extend product shelf-life by delaying the growth of spoilage bacteria.

Microbial spoilage is a key factor in the shelf-life of meat and poultry products. Testing has shown that vinegar-based ingredients protect ready-to-eat meats, fresh meat, poultry and fish products from a variety of pathogens such as Listeria, while also reducing total plate counts and meeting consumer demand for simple, easy to understand labels.

Kemin buffered vinegar solutions have no negative effect on meat quality including parameters such as water holding capacity, protein denaturation, color or flavor. This line is available in both liquid, dry and no-sodium forms making it easy to add to brines, marinades, spice blends, or direct application to meat.

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BactoCEASE NV is also available in a certified organic and concentrated forms.

Innovation with BactoCEASE NV

Technical Download: Inhibition of Listeria monocytogenes by Buffered Vinegar in Deli-style Turkey

Food borne pathogens are a serious cause for concern. With the potential to harm consumers, inhibiting microbial growth in food products is a driving force in the food industry today. Manufacturers need a solution to address this issue; however, manufacturers also must protect their brand consistency. Food safety solutions must not negatively impact any quality or sensory attributes. Therefore, this study looked to determine the effectiveness of the buffered vinegar in ready-to-eat meat as well as the impact it had on sensory and quality characteristics. At the duration of the study, BactoCEASE NV showed effectiveness against Listeria monocytogenes all while leaving sensory and quality characteristics to the brands recognized standard.