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DoughSoft™ and DoughStretch™

Bakery manufacturers are facing numerous challenges today including labor shortages and increased raw material costs. Bakeries are finding themselves short-staffed, meaning that customer service suffers and employees are overworked.1 Increased costs and limited availability of various raw materials have led to an increase in overall costs, decreasing margins.

In addition to these challenges, consumers are also looking for high-quality affordable options. They want their baked foods to be fresh, safe and with a pleasing taste and texture. Consumers seeking high-quality baked goods place a strong emphasis on textural quality. How can you overcome textural challenges and provide affordable, quality baked goods? With Kemin DoughSoft™ and DoughStretch™ dough conditioner blends.

Dough conditioners help to improve the quality of your baked goods, from the production handling to the consistency of the crumb structure. Our dough conditioner blends work by improving the machinability of dough and reducing mixing time, which in turn can help you save time and improve production efficiency.

Typical applications include:

  • Bread
  • Cakes
  • Pastry
  • Tortillas



A dry blend of enzymes formulated to improve crumb softness and textural quality of bakery products during storage. Enzymes help improve the texture of baked goods and can act as anti-staling agents

DoughSoft can help:

  • Improve dough handling properties
  • Increase final product volume
  • Improve crumb structure and texture
  • Extend shelf life by delaying staling


DoughStretch is specifically formulated to improve dough handling properties, reduce mixing time and improve the machinability of dough. This dough conditioner ingredient helps create a soft and extensible dough with enhanced machinability during sheeting and rolling, making it a great option for laminated dough and other sheeted products. DoughStretch is available in both synthetic and clean label versions.


Providing the best texture for baked goods is highly dependent on the ingredients used and formulation. Our formulation experts can help you determine the best dough conditioner for your specific application. Contact us to learn more or request a sample to begin testing.


How Can You Solve Your Textural Quality Challenges?