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Mold Inhibition Solutions

Today, 72% of consumers say they snack at least once a day1 and the bakery products market continues to grow along with increased consumption.2 At the same time, microbial concerns continue to grow for bakery and snack food manufacturers, making it critical to find credible solutions that overcome these concerns and increase shelf life. Our value-added mold-inhibiting products and extensive technical expertise help prevent spoilage and mold growth, so your bakery and snack brand can keep your products fresher, safer, longer.


Microbial Spoilage Concerns

Microbial spoilage in the form of mold is a major factor affecting shelf life of food products, particularly baked goods and snacks. Mold can be introduced into bakery and snack systems in a variety of ways, including: equipment, air, water, sanitation practices, people, packaging, food build-up and even baking ingredients themselves.

Water Activity & pH

Baked goods - especially those with high water activity - are susceptible to mold, heightening the importance of effective mold control.  The end product's pH level is also key to ensuring the quality of the product. If the pH is outside the optimal range, it can cause spoilage to happen more quickly or create off flavors.

Post-Processing Contamination

In baked goods, the most common cause of spoilage is poor post-processing conditions. Post-processing conditions include cooling, slicing and packaging. When the bread is cooled and sliced, it is susceptible to contamination from airborne spores and contaminated equipment. After packaging, the water activity remains in the range most susceptible to spoilage.3 Mold inhibitors and proper handling techniques can help ensure your bakery products are kept fresher and safer, for longer.


Our Mold Inhibition Solutions

SHIELD® Propionic Acid

These liquid mold inhibitors are propionic acid-based, synergistic blends that control microbes, preventing spoilage and mold growth. They help protect baked goods, especially where water activity levels and pH are of concern, without affecting the taste or texture of fillings, breads, cakes, tortillas and more.

Find out more about the benefits of SHIELD, including:

  • Help control mold growth
  • Lower product pH
  • Prolong shelf life

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