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Solve Your Food Safety Challenges in Meat & Poultry

Food safety is top of mind for today’s consumers1, who are inundated with information that feeds their concerns about the overall safety of the foods they consume, every day.

  • 50% of Americans cite foodborne illness as the most important food concern.2
  • Less than a quarter of Americans are 'very confident' in the safety of the U.S. food supply.2


Meat & Poultry: At Risk

Meat and poultry products are subject to microbial growth due to their nutrient composition, high water content, and moderate pH. This microbial growth can result in deterioration, a key factor in shelf life—and if unchecked, can result in foodborne illness outbreaks. 


The Culprit: Microbial Spoilage

Microbial spoilage is one cause of off odors and off flavors, key factors in the shelf life of meat and poultry products. Different types of spoilage bacteria may proliferate, due to possible contamination throughout any step of processing, as well as environmental conditions during storage of the unfinished meat product.

Microbial growth in meat and poultry products can result in a long list of additional concerns beyond aroma and flavor, including changes in appearance, discoloration, gas production, decrease in water holding capacity and more.


Meat & Poultry Food Safety Solutions

Kemin provides food safety solutions to address your product’s specific conditions, including several solutions that address microbial spoilage. Our buffered vinegar and acid-based products are shown to provide protection from Listeria monocytogenes, E.coli and Salmonella with no negative effect on meat quality, including water-holding capacity, protein denaturation, color or flavor.

Available in dry and liquid forms, they are easy to add to brines/marinades, spices blends or directly to meat, poultry and fish applications


Consumers, Food Safety and Transparency

Consumers also have changing attitudes and definitions around food safety. Of course, they expect food to be free of toxins and pathogens, but over one half welcome more transparency from food brands, according to a 2020 study.3

According to Mintel studies:

  • 72% of participants agree that quality red meat is worth a higher price.4
  • 10% of poultry consumers decreased their intake, citing safety concerns as a reason.5


Consumer Appeal

Meat and poultry manufacturers can maximize their brand's success by reaching the widest potential consumer audience through:

  • Food safety assurance
  • Added value
  • Product features, attributes and messaging
  • Transparency throughout, including clean label protection
  • Highlighting convenience



Learn more about protecting your brand's meat and poultry products, without compromise.

Food Safety Tech Sheet


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