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True Tortilla Expertise

Tortillas seem like simple products to make as they are primarily made up of flour and water with a few minor ingredients. However, these minor ingredients have a major impact on the texture and quality of your product. 

Watch the video below to learn how Kemin batch pack solutions can help you make trouble-free tortillas your customers will love.

Corn Tortilla Challenges

Microbial spoilage is often a major factor affecting the shelf life of baked products-those with high water activity levels, like tortillas, can be especially susceptible to mold. Tortilla manufacturers must manage the moisture of their products to balance proper texture and shelf stability. Mold inhibitors can help control microbial spoilage and thus, lengthen shelf life.

Our SHIELD® liquid mold inhibitors are blends of active ingredients that can control microbes, preventing spoilage and mold growth in tortillas.


Tortilla Formulation Support

When it comes to tortillas, consumers desire healthier and more adventurous options. But, fulfilling consumer demands can make things more complicated. Kemin can help you with these common trends in the tortilla industry:

  • Low Carb/High Fiber
  • Gluten-Free
  • Clean Label

Want to learn more about all the trends in today's tortilla market, the ingredients used in tortillas and the impact they have on the outcome of your tortilla? Learn from our Kemin experts to help solve your tortilla formulation challenges while meeting the demands of today's consumers in our complimentary webinar.


Check out our free resources available below and learn about today's tortilla industry trends.

Tortillas are on a Roll

Tortilla Solutions You Need

Batch Packs & Premixes

TillaPack FSS - Batch pack solutions for food service style, or burrito style tortillas

TillaPack™ GS - Batch pack solutions for gordita style tortillas

TillaZyme™ - Enzyme gum blends for corn tortillas

Dough Improvers

DoughSoft™ - Dough conditioners and softeners for flour tortillas

DoughStretch™ - Enzyme gum blends for corn tortillas

Mold Inhibitors

SHIELD® - liquid antimicrobial that controls microbes, preventing spoilage and mold growth, with economical cost-in-use and better dispersion over dry ingredients

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