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Batch Packs and Premixes for Tortillas

Trouble-Free Tortillas

Tortillas seem like a simple product to make as they are primarily made up of flour and water with a few minor ingredients. However, these minor ingredients have a major impact on the texture and quality of your tortilla. Our video below walks through how you can create a trouble-free tortilla that your customers will love.

Batch Packs & Premixes for Accurate, Efficient Tortilla Operations

Our complete drop-in batch pack solutions work to solve your challenges, including:

  • Shelf-life extension
  • Operational efficiency
  • Consumer appeal

Our video below walks through how Kemin batch pack solutions can help you trouble shoot your tortillas.

Batch Packs & Premixes Offer:

  • A range of 2-20+ ingredients
  • Quality characteristics for your products
  • Precisely measured ingredient quantities
  • Proper order of addition for each ingredient
  • In-depth critical analysis of each batch

Benefits To Tortilla Operations

Drop-in and premix solutions bring a host of benefits to your operations, including:

  • Raw material inventory management
  • New ingredient updates with optimized pricing
  • Up-to-date compliance with most regulatory changes
  • Continuous improvement due to in-house R&D support

Technical Expertise for Tortilla Production

Our technical teams have extensive know-how regarding the interaction of all food ingredients on your product’s stability, and our Customer Laboratory Services provide dedicated support throughout all phases of testing—all to develop solutions that positively affect your tortilla or bakery product’s shelf life.

Bakery Innovation Center

In addition to our technical teams, our newly built Bakery Innovation Center allows you to work with us on your product improvements without having to shut down your facility for testing. Our Bakery Innovation Center is a pilot-scale facility with all the equipment you need to make your tortillas and baked goods, as well as analyze the finished product.

Claims that Meet Consumer Demand

We use our formulation expertise and extensive portfolio of shelf-life solutions, to help you achieve ‘claimability’ with tortilla label claims that meet consumers’ demands—without sacrificing shelf life or sensory appeal. We offer a variety of options to meet a variety of needs—including the cleaner label many consumers are looking for.

Since they are composed using functional ingredients such as enzymes, emulsifiers and gums, our drop-in and premix solutions are the perfect mix of ingredients customized to your product.

Batch Packs and Premixes Resources

Check out some of our free resources available below to learn about today's trends in the tortilla industry and how Kemin can help you with trouble-shooting your tortillas.

Flour Tortilla Troubleshooting Guide

Batch Pack Guide

Utilize this complimentary at-a-glance downloadable batch pack and tortilla performance guide, with a trouble-shooting checklist.

Tortilla White Paper

Gain insight on today’s tortilla landscape, consumers’ preferences, solutions to tortilla manufacturing challenges and more, in our complimentary white paper.

“A World of Tortilla Solutions” highlights what’s feeding rising tortilla consumption and shares a tortilla shelf life success story. 

Tortillas are on a Roll

Tortillas on a Roll

See how to keep your tortillas soft and flexible, just the way consumers want them—with label-friendly ingredients.

Kemin Customer Laboratory Services targets accurate enzyme performance to improve machinability and reduce waste.

The webinar - Translating Trends to Tortilla Formulation goes through all the trends in today's tortilla market, the ingredients used in tortillas and why those ingredients have such a big impact on the outcome of your tortilla. Learn from our Kemin experts to help solve your tortilla formulation challenges while meeting the demands of today's consumers.

Tortillas are Tried and True

Tried and True Tortillas

Find out how to keep your tortilla products clean label, simple—and in stock, even when demand is unprecedented.

Kemin Food Technologies helps you continue to meet the growing demand for ever-popular, label-friendly tortillas.

Drop-In Batch Pack Solutions and Premixes You Need:

  • TillaPack – batch pack solutions for flour tortillas
  • TillaSoft – dough conditioners and tortilla softeners for flour tortillas
  • TillaZyme – enzyme gum blends for corn tortillas
  • SHIELD® – mold inhibitors for corn and flour tortillas

Having trouble with your flour tortilla, but don't know where to start? Check out our Tortilla Doctor tool below to see what the potential cause(s) of your tortilla troubles could be and possible solutions Kemin can help you with. Select what type of problem you are experiencing in the drop down and if any of the parameters have changed in your tortilla process. The tool then spits out a potential cause and solution.

The information provided herein is based upon typical products and scenarios encountered in the bakery industry, as witnessed by our experienced bakery staff. Not all products and scenarios are exactly the same though, and nuances occur within each customer’s operation. Therefore, the information in this tool alone cannot be solely relied upon for proper implementation into your facility, and you must discuss with a Kemin representative to receive tailored guidance or advice to your specific situation.

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