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SHIELD®  Mold Inhibitors

For bakery and snack foods, food safety continues to be a high priority as microbial concerns continue to grow. Manufacturers are seeking to find credible solutions to overcome these concerns and increase the shelf-life of their products. Kemin, a global leader in science-backed solutions, provides quality food ingredients that work to keep food products fresher and safer for longer.

Microbial Spoilage & Shelf Life

Microbial spoilage of bakery and snack foods is a major factor in that it affects product shelf life. Products with high water activity, such as tortillas, are highly susceptible to mold, making it imperative for manufacturers to manage the moisture of their products without impacting proper texture or shelf life. The pH level of the end product is also key to ensure the quality of the product. If the pH is outside the optimal range for the product, it can cause spoilage to happen more quickly or create off flavors.

SHIELD, Kemin’s line of liquid mold inhibitors are propionic acid based synergistic blends that control microbes, preventing spoilage and mold growth in tortillas, baked good with fillings and other products, where water activity level and pH are of concern.  SHIELD products help extend the shelf life of products by providing homogenous dispersion throughout dough, eliminating irritating dust common with dry preservatives, and improving your handling without affecting your product’s taste.


With SHIELD, you can also benefit from:

  • Increased dough softness, moisture retention, and finished project flexibility
  • Optimal automation to reduce weighing and variability
  • High concentration, reducing freight, handling, and storage expenses
  • Improved taste in the final tortilla

Typical applications of SHIELD include:


Current SHIELD products available

  • SHIELD CT: Specifically formulated for corn tortillas manufactured with masa flour.
  • SHIELD FL: An alternative to the inflexible dry preservative formulas for wheat tortillas and bakery products leavened with baking powder.
  • SHIELD CA: An improvement to dry calcium propionate, offering better taste and dispersion.
  • SHIELD NA: A replacement for dry sodium propionate, offering better dispersion that provides a more consistent finished product.


Automation & Scale-Up Support

Kemin also offers the option of an automated system that you can feed into your tortilla assembly line. This system ensures that you are getting the exact dosage of SHIELD you need each time. Our expert team will help install, calibrate and train your operations team on how to use the system. Automated dosages ensure that you have a consistent product each time, fulfilling your customers’ expectations of your product.