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Explore Our Bakery & Snack Solutions Brochure

Discover how our wide range of innovative solutions can help you create delicious baked goods and snacks that will stay fresher and safer, for longer. 

Bakery and snack products are susceptible to oxidation and microbial spoilage, which can affect their shelf life, quality, and texture. Oxidation can cause rancidity, discoloration, off-flavors, and loss of nutritional value. To prevent or delay oxidation, bakery and snack manufacturers need to understand the factors that influence it and the solutions that can help them overcome it.

This interactive brochure is designed to help you explore our wide range of ingredients, from antioxidants and antimicrobials to enzymes and bakery blends, that can enhance the taste, texture, appearance, and shelf life of your products. Whether you are producing bread, cakes, cookies, crackers, chips, or bars, this brochure will help you find the best solutions for your oxidation, shelf life, and quality and texture needs. Start your journey today and learn how to make your bakery and snack products stay fresher, safer, longer.