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Solve Your Fats & Oils Challenges

The most efficient way to delay oxidation and resulting rancidity in fats and oils is the use of synthetic antioxidants or plant-derived extracts—that’s where Kemin comes in.

Lipid oxidation plays a major role in the shelf life of fats and oils. Our products are proven to perform, enhancing the shelf life of your fats and oils. Since lipids are often the principal cause of sensory degradation, it is essential to protect them, so they continue to perform properly. Oxidized lipids will react to form volatile compounds that cause rancidity in many food products. Kemin offers a variety of shelf life ingredient solutions for fats and oils that help slow oxidation.


Technical Expertise in Fats & Oils

We can help solve your challenges right here, because we understand fats and oils and how they affect your final food product.

Fats and oils play an especially important role, since they carry the taste components that make products pleasing. Our experienced technical team understands how ingredients work together, ensuring we can help you determine whether you need a simple, single-ingredient formula or a custom blend or extract designed to solve difficult, specific technical challenges with cost-effective solutions. Ensuring the stability of your lipids will help meet consumer expectations for fresh-tasting products.

Technical Download: Plant Extracts as EDTA Alternatives in Mayonnaise


Claims That Meet Consumer Demand

Today’s consumers are reaching for simpler, natural, or ‘free from’ products, but still expect the utmost in terms of taste and freshness.

Consumers expect a product to taste fresh throughout its shelf life, but they demand much more beyond simple freshness. They want foods that taste great, have ingredients they feel good about, and are also a good value. But consumers have a wide range of expectations, so you need multiple options to help fulfill them. That’s why we offer a wide range of product solutions including synthetic antioxidants, tocopherols and plant-based solutions, with clean label options available—all to help your end product meet consumer demand, with just the right ingredients.


Fats & Oils Solutions You Need

EN-HANCE® - Synergistic synthetic antioxidant blends formulated with time-tested ingredients such as BHA, BHT and TBHQ that are proven to protect foods containing fats and oils from oxidation

FORTIUM® MT - Traditional blends of mixed tocopherols that are designed for maximum effectiveness against color and flavor degradation

FORTIUM® RVC - A consumer-friendly blend of rosemary extract and ascorbic acid to help delay the onset of lipid oxidation, utilizing a proprietary grinding technology to ensure small, uniform particle suspension for improved physical stability in each application


Ingredient Library

Get the details you need about our shelf life protection products for fats and oils in this convenient at-a-glance ingredient library.

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