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Scale-up Support

In addition to keeping your products fresher, safer, longer with our food ingredient solutions, Kemin Food Technologies also provides a wide range of services to help you from bench top to scale-up. 

Whether you are formulating a new product or reformulating an existing one, our technical experts can help ensure a smooth and successful scaling process while maintaining your product's quality, taste and texture. Our scale-up support encompasses many aspects including:

  • Order of ingredients for formulation efficiencies
  • In-plant line testing and technical support


Order of Ingredients for Formulation Efficiencies

Formulation plays a crucial role in the development and improvement of various food products. It involves expertise, resources, and guidance throughout the formulation process, from concept to commercialization. Our goal is to help you create innovative, safe, and appealing food products that meet consumer demands. 

Our formulation experts provide guidance during the scale-up process, assisting in the transition from lab-scale to commercial production. The order of ingredients in a food formulation can significantly impact the efficiency of the formulation process and the quality of the final product. 

The specific order of ingredient addition may vary depending on the formulation, product type, and processing parameters. That is where our technical services team comes in. Our team of food scientists and process engineers can help determine the optimal order of ingredient addition and method of application for your specific product.

With the right order of ingredient addition, manufacturers can improve formulation efficiencies, reduce production challenges, and enhance the overall quality and consistency of their food products.


In-Plant Testing & Technical Support

In-plant testing can help ensure the quality of your food products throughout the production process. Consumers expect their food products to be fresh, appealing, and the same every time. Our technical services team can help facilitate in-plant testing and troubleshooting during the scale-up process.

Our technical service managers have the knowledge and capabilities to help monitor and troubleshoot the processing parameters at every step of the scale-up process.

To maintain consistent product quality, product parameters should be monitored at different stages of production. This includes visual observation, analytical testing (texture analysis, color measurement, proximate composition), and sensory evaluation. By identifying needs on-site, variations in quality can be quickly detected and corrected. 

Processing parameters should also be monitored carefully to ensure consistent product quality. This includes checking temperatures and time controls during raw processing, thermal processing, cooling, and freezing processes.

With our technical support, we can help ensure your food products are meeting consumers' demand for high-quality, consistent products.

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