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Our Sustainability Journey

Kemin is compelled to make our planet a safe, healthy and sustainable place to live today and for future generations to come. As a provider of key ingredients for food safety, shelf life and yield enhancement, we are committed to providing responsible sourcing, waste reduction and more. Watch our video below to learn more about our journey to sustainability.

Working Globally With Responsible Sourcing

Kemin scientists continually breed new lines of specialty crops to boost production and efficiencies, supporting continuous crop improvement. For example, increasing the antioxidant concentration produced per unit of biomass results in fewer acres harvested and less land disturbed by farming. Year after year, more end products can be produced with the same inputs, creating a positive impact on sustainability.

Certified "Sustainably Grown" Rosemary

Kemin utilizes a sustainable agronomic growing approach for our rosemary that is certified "Sustainably Grown" by SCS Global Services.

All Kemin rosemary fields, labs, and manufacturing and blending facilities are traceable and auditable at 6 locations worldwide, including:

  • United States
  • Belgium
  • Singapore
  • China
  • Brazil
  • India

Partnering with Growers

We partner with expert growers across the U.S. to raise more than 1,100 acres of specialty crops to produce our natural plant extracts for use in human food. We maintain sustainable cultivation methods that include:

  • Managed life cycle
  • Minimal inputs
  • Good agriculture practices

Decreasing Waste

Reducing Food Waste

Kemin products protect a variety of foods that help increase shelf life, which leads to less food waste for grocery stores and consumers.

Our FORTIUM® plant-derived oxidation solutions can help extend shelf life by delaying lipid oxidation in baked goods, snacks, fats and oils. SHIELD® and BactoCEASE® can help extend shelf life by preventing microbial growth.

Our clean label functional proteins, Proteus® and InnoBLQ™ can help improve production efficiencies, resulting in increased yield and plant throughput, improved batter adhesion and reduced oil usage. 

Reducing Transportation Impact

Kemin supplies a wide variety of food protection ingredients including antioxidants, antimicrobials and yield enhancement solutions.

When customers source a variety of ingredients from one supplier, they can reduce the number of:

  • total number of shipments
  • overall transportation costs.

We also offer a variety of concentrations within our product lines, which can also lead to a reduction in overall ingredients needed for treatment, reducing the number of total pounds shipped.

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