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Plant Extract Blends for Superior Protection

In today’s world, demand for clean label continues to rise. Consumers expect the food they purchase to be “free-from” synthetic ingredients. The challenge for manufacturers is meeting that consumer expectation, while maintaining the shelf-life of their products. That’s where NaturFORT can help.

The NaturFORT line consists of unique plant extract blends that meet consumer demand for clean labels, while protecting product shelf life. The product line consists of numerous blends of plant extracts such as rosemary, green tea, spearmint and/or acerola providing optimal color and flavor protection to your product.


Advantages of using Plant-Derived Extract Blends

Kemin plant-derived extract blends provide optimized oxidation protection without negative sensory impact. Our blends contain two or more of the following extracts:

  • Rosemary Extract: Our proprietary line of rosemary extract has high quality standards to ensure a consistent batch every time.
  • Green Tea Extract: Our water-soluble green tea extract can help delay oxidation. Green tea can act as an iron chelator in meats to help suppress the iron ions.
  • Acerola Extract: Acerola extract is high in the natural form of ascorbic acid, which helps protect the color of a variety of food and beverage products. It is especially good for helping meat to retain its red color.
  • Spearmint Extract: Unlike traditional spearmint, Kemin’s proprietary line of spearmint extract was specifically selected to not produce the typical mint smell you associate with spearmint. This allows us to add the ingredient in food products without running into sensory issues due to that mint smell.
Fortium R Antioxidant With Rosemary Extract


In Meat and Poultry Products

Our NaturFORT line is designed to not only help retain the color of your meat and poultry products but also keep them tasting fresh for longer.

  • NaturFORT ARGT is a unique blend of acerola, rosemary and green tea extracts that provides optimal color and flavor shelf-life extension of meat and poultry products.


In Sauces and Dressings

Our NaturFORT line helps increase flavor stability. Over the course of its shelf life, dressings and mayonnaise develop metallic, cardboardy, oily and painty off-flavor as the product oxidizes. Traditionally, companies have used synthetics such as EDTA to combat the development of these off flavors. NaturFORT serves as an alternative solution to EDTA and other synthetic antioxidants.

  • NaturFORT RS is a unique blend of rosemary and spearmint extracts that provides flavor stability in dressings and mayonnaise.


Innovation with NaturFORT

Technical Download: Stability of Natural Plant Extract Activities when store in Seasoning Blends

Natural plant extract blends were mixed into a seasoning blend that was used to treat pre- and post-rigor sausage patties. The objective was to investigate the degradation of the active compounds in the natural plant extracts during storage in seasoning blends and whether the storage of natural plant extracts in seasoning blend affected the color stability of pre- and post-rigor sausage.

Technical Download: Plant Extracts as EDTA Alternatives in Mayonnaise

As manufacturers try to meet consumer demand for clean label ingredients, they are reformulating their sauces and dressings to remove EDTA. In this study, plant extract blends were compared to EDTA in a mayonnaise application. NaturFORT RS, a combination of rosemary extract and spearmint extract, was found to be a viable alternative to EDTA.


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