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As the food industry continues to grow, so does the competition, pushing manufacturers to continuously produce quality products to stay on top. However, manufacturers encounter challenges that plague the industry, putting their products at risk.

One such challenge is oxidation. During oxidation, food products begin to lose desirable characteristics such as color and flavor. Without these qualities, manufacturers begin to fall behind in the competitive marketplace. FORTIUM RGT, Kemin’s line of plant extracts for shelf life extension, is a key ingredient to keeping food products tasting fresher for longer. Utilizing extracts from green tea and rosemary for color protection in meat and poultry and sauces, dressing and condiments, FORTIUM RGT also keeps these products looking more appealing. Kemin’s color and flavor protection solutions help manufacturers overcome the challenges oxidation produces.

FORTIUM RGT is a versatile combination of rosemary and green tea extracts that complement each other by providing superior oxidation protection without negatively impacting flavor, color and odor profiles. These blends are highly efficacious in sauces, dressings and condiments as well as meat and poultry products. 

Using a rosemary extract and green tea extract blend may provide other advantages over single ingredient antioxidant solutions.

  1. Adding high use levels of rosemary extract or green tea extract alone may negatively affect the flavor of your product, but the blend of both extracts would not and thus can be applied at higher rates.
  2. The catechins in green tea extract may act as an iron chelator, suppressing the iron released from the hemoglobin which can be prevalent in ground meat and can act as an oxidant.

By combining the capabilities of both a rosemary and green tea extract, manufacturers are left with greater color protection – leaving products more appealing to consumers.


Innovation with FORTIUM RGT

Technical Download: FORTIUM RGT 12 Plus Dry Provides Color and Flavor Protection Superior to Green Tea Extract alone in Ground Pork

Maximizing the shelf life of a food product can present difficult challenges, especially as oxidative rancidity begins to set in. This is the case, when working with meat and poultry applications, such as ground pork. Once oxidized, ground pork begins to lose color and flavor integrity – attributes that contribute to consumer’s buying decisions. By combining the capabilities of both rosemary and green tea extracts in FORTIUM RGT 12 Plus Dry, ground pork was tested to determine the effectiveness in delaying color loss as well as contributing no off-flavors to the final product.

Technical Download: Natural Plant Extracts Delay Lipid Oxidation and Off-Flavor Development in Cooked Frozen Sausage Patties

In this study, rosemary extract, FORTIUM® R10 Dry, and a rosemary/green tea extract blend, FORTIUM® RGT12 Plus Dry, were evaluated for efficacy in delaying undesirable oxidation and flavor changes in cooked pork sausages that were stored in the freezer for up to one year. Natural plant extract treatments were compared to a blend of synthetic antioxidants and an untreated control, using TBARS and sensory analyses to track oxidation and flavor changes over frozen storage time.