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Solve Your Bakery & Snack Challenges

Today’s consumers may be reaching for simpler, fresh, natural, or ‘free from’ products, but taste is still paramount. 

It’s more important than ever for bakery & snack manufacturers to meet a wide variety of demands, and we can help. At Kemin, we have the perfect solutions to significantly delay or prevent lipid oxidation, lengthen your product’s shelf life, and please consumers at the same time.

Technical Expertise in Bakery & Snack Foods

Our technical teams have extensive bakery & snack know-how, especially regarding the interaction of all food ingredients on product stability.

We understand how different factors including mixing procedures, baking and storage temperatures, water activity, and pH affect the shelf life and consumer appeal of your products. We provide solutions to address those particular needs while extending your bakery & snack product’s shelf life. We offer simple solutions—as well as complex blends—to help you solve your color, flavor and microbial stability requirements.

Our on-site Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) provide dedicated support throughout all phases of testing and demonstrate efficacy in your baked good or snack’s matrix, so you can be confident that your products stay fresher, longer.

Claims that Meet Consumer Demand

We use our formulation expertise and extensive portfolio of shelf-life solutions, to help you achieve ‘claimability’ with label claims that meet consumers’ demands—without sacrificing shelf life or sensory appeal.

Gain insight into today’s bakery and snack landscape including trends, the claims that are important to different demographic groups, and how the right solutions can provide stability and meet desirable label claims, in our interactive infographic below.

Rise Above Inflation & Thrive with Kemin

Manufacturers face many challenges in today's market. Our latest interactive infographic navigates the challenges facing the baking and snack industry such as inflation, changes in consumer shopping behavior, and transportation costs and profitability management. 

View Interactive Infographic

Bakery & Snack Solutions You Need

Kemin is your one-stop shop for bakery and snack ingredients. As one of the only suppliers of antioxidants, antimicrobials and bakery blends we can help you meet your shelf life and textural challenges.

Freshness & Shelf Life

EN-HANCE® - A line of synthetic antioxidants formulated with time-tested ingredients such as BHA, BHT and TBHQ that are proven to protect fat-containing foods from lipid oxidation.

FORTIUM™ MT - Traditional blends of mixed tocopherols that are designed for maximum effectiveness against color and flavor degradation.

FORTIUM® R - A rosemary extract-based ingredient designed for maximum effectiveness against color and flavor degradation, an alternative to traditionally used synthetic antioxidants

Mold Inhibition

SHIELD® - Liquid mold inhibitors designed to help prevent microbial spoilage and mold growth in tortillas and baked goods. 

Bakery Blends & Dough Improvers

TillaPack™ -  Batch pack blends for tortillas that are conveniently packaged and formulated to meet your needs and improve operational efficiency.  

TillaZyme™ - A line of enzyme gum blends formulated to help improve softness and flexibility in corn tortillas.

DoughSoft™ and DoughStretch™ - Specifically formulated dough conditioners and softeners designed to improve the textural quality and machinability of dough.


Looking for consumer trends or the latest innovative ingredients? Check out our Bakery & Snack Infographic for consumer snacking trends and the solutions to help you meet consumer demands. See how Kemin is helping the bakery and snack industry in our Bakery Solutions Handout.

Bakery & Snack Infographic
Bakery Solutions Handout

Bakery Innovation Center

Our state-of-the-art Bakery Innovation Center and in-house R&D will help you solve your tortilla and baked goods challenges. With in-depth knowledge of ingredient functionality, as well as resources that bridge the gap between laboratory scale and commercial production, our team of experts will help protect your brand and speed up the commercialization of your product and processes.

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