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Providing Proactive Solutions for Continued Success

Posted January 12, 2021

When our tortilla customer took a proactive approach to solving potential quality concerns and preventing product returns before they could even happen, we jumped at the chance to help them—with a deep level of support.

Troubleshooting, before there’s real trouble

With an eye on the future, our tortilla customer was keeping careful watch on their retains, knowing that any issues revealed there could point to potential problems down the road. When they encountered some minor quality and textural challenges, they contacted us to help them determine the causes. We knew that their usage of our tortilla mold inhibitor was in spec and sprang into action to help this lean-running Quality Assurance team get to the bottom of their concern.

Critical evaluation, without disrupting production

We started by visiting their plant to use our own services for onsite troubleshooting. Phase 1: We executed an environmental study to identify any potential sources of problems that might manifest in their product. We conducted microplate comparisons through various locations throughout the plant, which were tested and evaluated by our Customer Lab Services team, and provided our customer the resulting report. If necessary, Phase 2 would have included testing of the tortillas themselves.

Turns out, the environmental study revealed the issue at hand: the culprit was actually the seasonal atmosphere in the plant’s hot, humid, subtropical part of the country. A simple increase in dosage brought the desired result: the quality and texture they always want to provide. We kept working, so that our customer could do the same. Our efficient process never slowed their production.

What I’m most proud of:

What sets us apart—that we are willing to work with our customers on their processes, not just products, to ensure their success. I’m proud to work for a company that goes far beyond simply selling products, and never leaves their customer hanging, without support.

Support, every step of the way

Our customer support follows each individual customer’s requirements. Perhaps you are a new customer who needs us to determine the best products, rates of application, or cost-in-use studies. Or, you may need assistance in understanding other factors that affect your product.

Our flexible solutions can include:

Jane Evan headshot

Jane Evans - Technical Sales Manager

  • Providing market insights, recommended product usage and inclusion rates, and manufacturing support
  • Running a trial for you, with several scenarios to optimize results with the help of our Customer Lab Services and Technical Service Managers—and without slowing your production
  • Creating project protocols and analyzing results, so you can feel confident that you have the proper information and solutions you need to improve your product’s characteristics, like delivering a softer tortilla
  • Visiting your site to help determine best practices for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), such as: general review of environment, determining Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS), reviewing your packaging lines, ventilations systems, water quality, facility temperature, and seasonal changes
  • Designing a tailor-made study to troubleshoot potential pitfalls in your process