Proven to Improve Profitability in Boilers

Broilers fed with ButiPEARL™ during the whole production cycle (42 days of age) showed an increased feed conversion ratio and final body weight.


Performance Data for Broiler

A total of 240 male Ross 308 chicks, at one day old, were divided into 3 experimental groups.

Table 1. Zootechnical performance & intestinal histo-morphological parameters in broiler chickens fed with diets containing different butyrate sources.

Results showed that supplementation with ButiPEARL™ at less than half the dose of the Protected Sodium Butyrate gave better feed conversion ratio (p<0.05), and higher return on investment (ROI*).

*ROI = Net Profit/Treatment Cost


Asian Commercial Trial

A commercial trial was conducted in Asia using day-old Cobb chicks.

Table 2. Difference in performance and lesion scoring parameters in broiler chickens fed with diets containing either ButiPEARL™ or Avilamycin.

ButiPEARL™ was used to compare against Avilamycin in terms of performance improvement. Overall performance of broilers fed with diets containing 

ButiPEARL™ was similar or slightly better than that of broilers fed with diets containing Avilamycin. At the same time, Cobb chicks exhibited a lower intestinal lesion score and a much higher European broiler performance index when fed with diets containing ButiPEARL™.

ButiPEARL™ was able to maintain good animal performance in the absence of Avilamycin, an antibiotic commonly used as growth promoting agent in feed in an unchallenged condition.

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