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LYSOFORTE™ for Dairy

Nutrient Absorption Enhancer

LYSOFORTE™ is a unique bio-surfactant which contains lysophospholipids, a natural compound found in cell membranes. LYSOFORTE™ is designed to enhance digestion and absorption of nutrients, including fats, proteins, and fat-soluble nutrients. LYSOFORTE™ helps maximize feed efficiency and provide substantial return on investments.

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LYSOFORTE™ Features:

  • Unique, bio-surfactant produced using a patented enzyme technology
  • Contains lysophospholipids that improve fat-soluble nutrient digestion and absorption of fats proteins and fat-soluble nutrients like vitamins and carotenoids
  • Available in both liquid and dry, heat-stable form

LYSOFORTE™ Benefits:

Adding LYSOFORTE™ to lactating cow diet can:

  • Increase milk yield and milk fat under commercial farm condition1
  • Reduce the supplementation of by-pass fat from 15% to 30%, thus helping to save the feed cost

(1) Kemin Internal Reference: TD-20-6090 
(2) Kemin Internal Reference: EPRE-20-1434




Mode Of Action

As a bio-surfactant, lysophospholipids in LYSOFORTE™ will reduce surface tension of the aqueous environment in the gastrointestinal tract, thereby allowing for increased penetration and activity of bacteria and enzymes in feed. In ruminants, LYSOFORTE™ functions in three different ways.

1. Improves fat hydrolysis in the rumen and digestion in the small intestine by supporting enhanced micelle formation. (Lock et al., 2006)



2. Enhances enzyme activity. Emulsifiers have been shown to stimulate various enzyme activities and colonization of fiber by bacterial enzymes. Increased colonization of fiber in the rumen will lead to improved fiber digestibility


Illustration of colonization of plant material in the rumen by Prevotella (purple) and Clostridium (blue). Plant fiber in green, composed of cellulose inside (lighter green) and hemicellulose (dark green).

llustration taken from Rubino Et.Al. of colonisation of plant material in the rumen by Prevotella (purple) and Clostridium (blue); plant fibre in green.


3. Improves absorption of nutrients in the small intestine. LYSOFORTE™ is enriched with lysophospholipids, which have been shown to increase epithelial permeability and absorption of nutrients in the small intestine



Application of LYSOFORTE™

There are two strategies to improve the economics of dairy cow production with LYSOFORTE™:

  • Added to an existing diet to improve feed conversion efficiency (feed: milk)
  • Reducing diet cost whilst maintaining production, by partial replacement of by-pass fat


Recommended Dosage

LYSOFORTE™ Booster Dry: 5 - 7.5 g/hd/day 



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