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Natural Bio-emulsifier to Enhance Absorption of Nutrients in Animal Feeds

LYSOFORTE™ Dry is the natural biological emulsifier that contains an optimized combination of Lysophospholipids, which plays a vital role in promoting more efficient utilization of dietary lipids and enhance the absorption of other nutrients.

Phospholipids and more particularly the lysophospholipids play an essential role in animal nutrition as biological emulsifiers and absorption enhancers. They improve the emulsification of feed fats and micelle formation; thereby enhancing the absorption of nutrients. Lysophospholipids are well known for enhancing nutrients absorption through increased membrane permeability of intestinal epithelial cells. Collectively this leads to a better feed utilization regarding energy, proteins, fats, and minerals and more environmentally friendly animal production.


Features of LYSOFORTE™ Dry

  • Highly effective biological emulsifier. 
  • Contains Lysophospholipids. 
  • Supports the effect of bile salts and improve fat digestion. 
  • High AME sparing effect. 
  • Enhances nutrient absorption. 
  • Heat stable.


Benefits of LYSOFORTE™ Dry

  • Lowers feed costs through better absorption of nutrients
  • Allows reformulation of diets with reduced energy and essential amino acids
  • Enhances animal performance
  • Supports animals with better digestion during heat stress
  • Enables inclusion in all formulas


Mode of action of LYSOFORTE™ Dry

  • LYSOFORTE™ Dry supports the bile salts to form smaller and more stable micelles in the intestinal tract. These smaller micelles can move smoothly through the aqueous environment in the intestinal lumen and can better diffuse through the unstirred water layer contributing to better absorption 
  • LYSOFORTE™ Dry also interacts with the cellular membrane increasing its permeability for nutrient absorption 
  • LYSOFORTE™ Dry in your feed formula will provide your animals the best chance to maximize their nutrient digestion and absorption


LYSOFORTE™ Dry Increases Intestinal Collagen

The intestinal villi are covered with a single layer of absorptive and secretory cells in mammals. The more prominent collagen fibrils in the villi that we observed correspond to the lengthening of the villi.

LYSOFORTE™ Dry significantly increases the villi collagen fibers and the villi length in the jejunum. Longer villi would provide an improved absorptive area for the uptake of nutrients. An increase in tensile strength of the villi through increased deposition of collagen fibrils would enhance the overall structural health of the intestine.


LYSOFORTE™ Dry is More Effective than Chemical Emulsifiers

One of the critical factors affecting fat absorption is Critical Micellar Concentration (CMC). If the CMC drops, less fatty acids are needed to form a micelle, eventually leading to more fatty acids being absorbed by the animal. Lysophospholipids have a lower CMC and will dramatically improve fat and nutrient absorption.  


Surfactant Critical Micellar Concentration (mM)
Sodium dodecyl 8
Deoxycholate (Bile salt) 4
Lysophosphatidylcholine 0.02 - 0.2

Source: Zubay (1984) | Table 1. The effect of various surfactants on Critical Micellar Concentration


By having smaller and more emulsion droplets, it would result in a lower critical concentration of fatty acids, leading to better fat absorption.


LYSOFORTE™ Dry forms Smaller Micelles 

The benefits of LYSOFORTE™ Dry goes beyond better emulsion of fats. It has an extreme capacity to form smaller and more stable micelles in conjunction with fatty acids and other lipophilic molecules. The micelles that contain Lysophospholipids are better absorbed because these special molecules also can increase the cell membrane permeability of the intestinal epithelium cells to nutrients.


Application of LYSOFORTE™ Dry 

There are three applications of LYSOFORTE™ Dry in animal nutrition:

  • On Top Application 
  • Oil / Fat substitution 
  • Reformulation


On top application 

  • The use of on top application is effortless to apply. This protocol is advised for feed to be used by young animals. 
  • These animals are characterized by a shortage of natural emulsifiers (bile salts) and enzymes (lipase), until approximately 14-21 days of age in broilers and 10-12 kg live weight in piglets. 
  • The expected results from this application are better nutrient digestibility, better faeces quality, a healthier gastro-intestinal tract and further benefits regarding final weight and FCR.


Oil / Fat substitution

  • This method is the easiest to apply and is recommended when the feed is composed of a few “noble” ingredients, and optimization constraints are stringent. 
  • Besides, this system does not require in-depth knowledge of feed formulation, and results can be easily controlled, checking performance parameters such as body weight and FCR. 
  • The amount of substituted Oil/Fat must be decided according to the Oil/Fat quality and composition. For example, the substitution rate of animal fat or palm oil would be higher than soya oil.



  • The LYSOFORTE™ nutrients matrix and the appropriate matrix value of LYSOFORTE™ Dry is required to run the reformulation
  • LYSOFORTE™ Dry must be entered into the formulation database as a raw material, like maize, soyabean meal or wheat.
  • It is also advisable to set a price for LYSOFORTE™ Dry, just as with the other feed components, and to set minimum and maximum constraints


LYSOFORTE™ Dry is Effective in Total Feed Fats and Oils 

All feed fats follow the same digestive route, independently of whether they are added fats or are naturally present in feed components (e.g., oilseeds). LYSOFORTE™ Dry can improve digestibility of all feed fats.


Nutrients matrix values of LYSOFORTE™ Dry

Feed Fat added to Diet AME Value Kcal/kg of Feed
Animal Tallow 87
Crude Palm Oil 98
Crude Rice Bran Oil 81
AME matrix values for diets with different fats


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