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Broad-Spectrum Toxin Binders


What is TOXFIN™? 

A unique non-digestible broad-spectrum toxin binder containing “active adsorbents” which effectively binds most prevalent and potent mycotoxins, including Aflatoxins, Ochratoxins, Fumonisin B1, Citrinin, T-2 toxin & Zearalenone.

  • Next-generation mycotoxin binder, developed with a novel in vitro model
  • Optimized adsorption and reduced desorption
  • Not a standard clay, but activated clays
  • Clays are activated by physical and chemical methods
  • Dipolar clays for both basic and acidic mycotoxins


How does TOXFIN™ work for you? 

Broad-Spectrum Mycotoxin Adsorbent

TOXFIN™ is a carefully selected blend of unique activated adsorbents that bind the relevant mycotoxins along the gastrointestinal tract, thereby reducing mycotoxin bio-availability and promoting their excretion from the animal’s body. Since no single adsorbent is effective against all relevant mycotoxins, a combination of activated binding agents can meet the essential requirements for a broad-spectrum mycotoxin binder.

Adsorption Efficacy of Different Batches of TOXFIN™



Mycotoxins Affecting Farm Animal Productivity

Mycotoxins are chemically diverse, representing a variety of chemical families, giving cause to a great variety of symptoms.



kaa Toxfin Poultry TRICHOTHECENES infographic  v2
kaa Toxfin Poultry infographic OCHRATOXIN
kaa Toxfin Poultry infographic AFLATOXIN
kaa Toxfin Poultry infographic AFLATOXIN
kaa Toxfin Poultry infographic ZEARALENONE


kaa Toxfin Swine infographic TRICHOTHECENES v2
kaa Toxfin Swine infographic Ochratoxin
kaa Toxfin Swine infographic aflatoxin
kaa Toxfin Swine infographic Fumonisin
kaa Toxfin Swine infographic Zearalenone
Kemin Internal Document: TL-18-00062


In Vivo Performance Study

TOXFIN™ binds with the mycotoxins and makes them unavailable for absorption through the gut wall. This protects the animals from harmful effect of mycotoxicosis. TOXFIN™ counteracting the adverse health effects caused by aflatoxin and ochratoxin.




Negative Control 



Positive Control 

57ppb AFB1 23ppb Ochratoxin A



57ppb AFB1 23ppb Ochratoxin A



57ppb AFB1 23ppb Ochratoxin A


kaa Toxfin In Vivo Performance Study Final Body Weight graph
kaa Toxfin In Vivo Performance Study Serum Alt Graph
kaa toxfin In Vivo Performance Study Antibody titer NCD graph
kaa Toxfin In Vivo Performance Study Lymphoid organ weight graph


TOXFIN™ Does Not Bind Nutrients 

kaa Toxfin Vitamins A and E Mycotoxin Binders Graph
kaa Toxfin Vitamins B5 mycotoxin binders graph
kaa Toxfin minerals bounded graph


TOXFIN™ Binding to Ergot Alkaloids

Toxfin Binding to Ergot Alkaloids Table


Multi Mycotoxin Management Program

Multi Mycotoxin management requires a holistic approach to be effective at all stages, and it is the core of how we address challenges. However, in our industry, these challenges are plenty now than ever. We understand that being able to identify issues early will prove to be beneficial for the feed millers. Below are our M-2 Program:




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