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Kemin Antioxidant System Stabilizes Feed


What Is Oxidation

Oxidation is an irreversible chemical chain reaction in which oxygen combines with fat to cause the fat to become rancid. Oxidation is triggered by exposure to light, temperature and the presence of metal ions. These produce free radicals which then react with oxygen to produce peroxides which are converted to hydroperoxides resulting in secondary oxidation products like aldehydes and ketones. This process is repeated until the destruction of the fat molecule is complete. The primary products of oxidation are hydroperoxides, which have no odor or taste. Secondary oxidation components such as carbonyl derivatives, like aldehydes and ketones, produce a strong odor which is easily detectable in rancid feed or raw materials. 



Benefits of Antioxidant System to Stabilize Feed

Feed quality can be compromised when fat turns rancid. Oxidized fat may:

  • Destroy fat-soluble vitamins and xanthophylls
  • Reduce fat digestibility
  • Reduce palatability and feed consumption through the production of aldehydes during the oxidative process
  • Increase exposure to toxic compounds, which may reduce productivity
  • Reduce energy content available in the feed
  • Increase exposure to free radicals, which may lead to internal oxidative stress concerns
  • Negatively impact gut health, which can lead to future immunity challenges

Antioxidants stabilize fat and maintain feed quality by delaying oxidation. Antioxidants accomplish this by sacrificing themselves to quench the free radicals before the fat or vitamin molecules can be attacked. For the best efficacy and protection, an antioxidant system should be utilized and should contain a combination of the following:

  • Synergistic blend of antioxidants to absorb free radicals before they destroy fatty acids
  • Metal chelators to bind metal ions, which may promote free radical oxidation

The Kemin antioxidant systems approach provides the best blend of antioxidants specifically formulated for the protection of your feeds and fats.



ENDOX™ is a blend of ethoxyquin (EQ), with Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and/or Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), as well as chelating agents. ENDOX™ Dry is formulated specifically to protect finished feeds, while ENDOX™ 5X was developed by Kemin scientists for application into a vitamin premix.


Selecting The Right Antioxidant System

Kemin’s antioxidant products are composed of a synergistic blend of different antioxidants to target different stages in the oxidation cycle. ENDOX™ is a combination of an inert carrier that has been coated with a synergistic blend of synthetic antioxidants and chelators. With this combination, Kemin’s antioxidant system provides adequate distribution of the active components throughout your feed mixture. 


An Industry Leader In Antioxidant System For Animal Feed 

As a global leader in both natural and synthetic antioxidants for rendering and animal feed production, Kemin takes great pride in the fact many of the world’s leading rendering companies and animal feed manufacturers trust us with their antioxidant stabilization programs. When customers partner with Kemin, they find significant value in the benefits that we provide, including:

  • Unique emphasis and expertise in the animal feed industry
  • Years of knowledge and experience in the animal feed industry
  • In-house services and support to customers
  • Collaborative services to help troubleshoot problems and develop new products
  • Company-wide focus on quality and food safety


The Kemin Formula for Success

When you use ENDOX™, you get more than a great antioxidant. Partnering with Kemin means you receive the full expertise and support of the Kemin In-house Services and Support Team, ensuring you receive the freshness protection you need. Your Kemin Technical Support Team includes:

  • An Account Manager and Technical Services Manager
  • Ingredients Specialists
  • Product Application Systems Experts
  • Customer Laboratory Services


Add ENDOX™ to Your Feed Quality Program!

With 50 years of research and experience in the animal feed industry, Kemin provides you proven products, technical expertise and laboratory support. Ask your Kemin representative on any of our antioxidant products best suited to your feedstuff, storage conditions, and manufacturing processes. 





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