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KESSENT™ M offers improved precision in the formulation, efficiency and sustainability of dairy producers’ operations. KESSENT™ M is the best source of metabolisable (rumen-protected) Methionine for ruminants and is delivered by our encapsulation and core technology. This product has been scientifically proven and consistently tested under field conditions. It is also supported through Kemin’s Lifelong Learning program.


How KESSENT™ M Works


When a new product is developed, it is crucial to take all the research acquired into account. The specific gravity and particle size were two of the main requirements in the development of KESSENT™ M. In adjusting the size and specific gravity of the amino acid particles; we found that it would increase the rumen escape protein proportion of concentrate feeds, as proven in a Latin square study (Dufreneix et al., 2019).

Therefore, the optimal particle size and specific gravity of KESSENT™ M allows it to move through the rumen rapidly, thus leading to reduced physical abrasion and microbial degradation in the rumen and, consequently, increased intestinally bioavailable Methionine.


KESSENT™ M Findings

KESSENT™ M offers unbeatable particle size, specific gravity and homogeneity.

  • Specific gravity is 1.21, ensuring a rapid escape from the rumen.
  • 95% of the particle size is lower than 2.2 mm, ensuring a rapid exit into the abomasum.
  • The standard deviation and coefficient of variation for both the specific gravity and the particle size are very low, and lower than any other rumen-protected Methionine available on the market.
  • The properties mentioned above allow for better homogeneity and stability under real field conditions.

When developing our KESSENT™ M technology, a 3-step process known as Process for Rumen-Protected Amino Acids Validation Criteria was used. The 3-step process includes research conducted in vitro (in the laboratory), in vivo (in the animal) and at the field level in dairy farms. The research proved the greater bioavailability of KESSENT™ M compared to other available rumen-protected Methionine products. The improved bioavailability is attributed to the particle size, specific gravity, high Methionine content and encapsulation technology.


The Benefits of KESSENT™ M

  • Improves R.O.I and net income in field conditions: this positive effect is enhanced by starting the feeding of rumen-protected Methionine during the close-up period.
  • Improves the utilisation efficiency of metabolisable protein, providing an opportunity to formulate diets with lower crude protein content without compromising the yield of milk and milk components.
  • Enhances productivity performance, improving milk production and milk protein synthesis.
  • Decreases the incidence of metabolic disorders.
  • Improves liver function and antioxidant precursor synthesis, better health status and immunometabolism.
  • Being the precursor of carnitine, the transport vehicle carries long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria for ß-Oxidation.
  • Improves dairy herd fertility.
  • Increases casein content, resulting in higher cheese production and profitability.




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