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Myco CURB™

Low Corrosivity and Safe Handling

The corrosivity of a product is a key concern when it comes to selecting the right mold inhibitor.  Myco CURB™ formulations are optimized and buffered so that most fall within near neutral pH range. This allows for safe handling and prevents the product from corroding the feed mill equipment and facilities.

Accelerated Corrosion Test

KAA MycoCURB galvanized_strips
Figure 1. Galvanized test strips after ten days of partial immersion in an accelerated corrosion experiment.

As shown in figure 1, in an accelerated corrosion experiment, whereby galvanized test strips were partially immersed in different liquid solutions at an elevated temperature for ten days, Myco CURB™ Liquid was found to be the least corrosive among the three liquid mold inhibitors tested.



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