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In Kemin, there is ORSENTIAL™ Dry for feed additive and ORSENTIAL™ Liquid for drinking water in farms. Both contain oregano essential oil extracted from oregano plant lines specially selected by our Specialty Crop Improvement team. It exhibits strong antimicrobial properties and anti-inflammatory activity, improving the intestinal health of livestock.

It can be used as an alternative to some growth promoters to improve farm animals' growth performance.


Alternative to AGP

Essential oils exert their mode of action, mainly with their bactericidal effects of essential oils. Production and secretion of endogenous digestive enzymes, modulation of the immune system, and antifungal and antiviral activity have been proposed to address their effects on animal performance.1 Carvacrol, a commonly used essential oil in animals, has anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-inflammatory property of carvacrol is dependent on its ability to reduce the production of inflammatory mediators, such as IL-­­1b and prostanoids, possibly through the induction of IL-10 release. 2

ORSENTIAL™ is a combination of highly concentrated carvacrol and thymol.

1 G. Lorenzoni, Poultry Diseases Influenced by Gastrointestinal Health - Traditional Treatments and Innovative Solutions, Nottingham University Press
2 Milena da Silva Lima, Anti-inflammatory effects of carvacrol: Evidence for a key role of interleukin-10; European Journal of Pharmacology 699 (2013) 112–117


ORSENTIAL™ Trials in Broilers 

ORSENTIAL™ increases the Average Daily Gain (ADG) and Average Daily Feed Intake (ADF) of broilers, it decreases the Feed Conversion Rate (FCR) compared to the control and avilamycin group



Avilamycin (8g/ton)

ORSENTIAL™ (300g/ton)

ADG (g)

65 ± 3c

68 ± 4bc

70 ± 4ab

ADFI (g)

130 ± 5b

135 ± 3b

136 ± 5b


2.02 ± 0.09

1.98 ± 0.10

1.94 ± 0.12


ORSENTIAL™ Optimizes Intestinal Villus Status in Broilers



Avilamycin (8g/ton)

ORSENTIAL™ (300g/ton)

Villus height (µm)

1259 ± 115

1262 ± 179

1255 ± 170

Crypth  height (µm)

184 ± 6b

176 ± 61b

125 ± 45a


6.9 ± 0.8 c

7.3 ± 1.4c

10.2 ± 1.6ab


ORSENTIAL™ Optimizes Carcass Yield in Broilers



Avilamycin (8g/ton)

ORSENTIAL™ (300g/ton)

Dressing (%)

83 ± 4c

87 ± 1ab

88 ± 1a

Eviscerated rate (%)

65 ± 3c

67 ± 1ab

68 ± 2a

Abdominal fat (%)

2.7 ± 0.3b

2.5 ± 0.5ab

2.6 ± 0.3b



ORSENTIAL™ Trial in Nursery Pigs   

  • Breed: Landrace x Yorkshire
  • Period: 25 days
  • Location: Hubei China
  • All the pigs were free to water and feed  


No. of piglets









kaa orsential trial in nursery pigs fig 3 adg
kaa orsential trial in nursery pigs fig 4 adfi
kaa orsential trial in nursery pigs fig 5 fcr


ORSENTIAL™ in Poultry

Percentage of birds returning to processing plant

kaa orsential page graph v2-08

Average age for bird harvesting

kaa orsential page graph v2-09



Average weight per bird and feed conversion ratio

kaa orsential page graph v2-10


European effeciency factor and profit per bird

kaa orsential page graph v2-11



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