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Seeing Our Future Sustainably 

Kemin puts the future in focus, seeing a commitment to sustainability as the way to improve lives today and for generations to come. 

As a responsible family-owned and operated company, Kemin is committed to sustainability to improve the quality of life now and for generations to come. This commitment is at the heart of our servant leadership approach which compels us to focus on the growth and well-being of our employees, customers and the more than 3.8 billion people we serve every day while safeguarding our planet's finite resources.


At Kemin, we looked for ways to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of operations to achieve greater social value while providing a long-term framework for innovation. 

KAA established it's own task force in April of 2021. The members of this task force have volunteered to advocate for sustainability initiatives.  Our mission is to integrate sustainable practices and resource conservation in employee engagement, education, and operations to reduce human impact on the environment. KAA hopes to inspire greater involvement from the employees, customers, and society as a whole. 

The Three Lenses of Sustainability 

People, Planet and Business 

Kemin will magnify its commitment to sustainability using a model focused on people, our planet and business. Where these lenses overlap, we see natural opportunities to innovate, protect and nourish a healthy future. 

When we integrate this vision into how we work and live, we are better able to solve tomorrow's toughest challenges without compromising the ability of future generations to solve their own. 


How we form our sustainability strategy: 

Kemin will set targets and goals that reinforce our focus on these three areas. 


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Kemin cares about the thousands of people who come to work with us and the more than 3.8 billion people who are impacted by our products and services every day. We will promote the engagement of our employees and the social good that can be achieved at local and global levels.

What we do as a company matter, and what each employee at Kemin does makes a difference. By empowering our employees, our partners and our fellow community members to contribute to a healthy future, we can achieve our vision of improving life sustainably. We are all better together.



We operate in a world with finite resources. When resources are at risk, business and society are jeopardized. To reduce that risk, Kemin is working to reduce our footprint. This starts by understanding our energy consumption and the effect of transportation-related to our products. We are also looking at ways to reduce our environmental impact by examining our waste streams.

We strive to make a better planet for our children where all needs are met and life is improved because we are all in this together.



We understand the impact business has on sustainability and a healthy future. It makes good business sense to include the lenses of people and the planet with that of business to create mutually profitable results. We believe cultivating honest, ethical, environmentally and socially conscious companies is critical to improving the quality of life.  We see our customers as our partners in creating a vision for future generations.

We provide our customers with products and services that help drive the transformation of business today into the stewardship of sustainability tomorrow. We will continue to pay special attention to our products and processes that are sustainable and plant-based. We transform together.

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