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Quantum GLO™ 40Y

Accelerate Absorption & Bioavailability of Pigment Using the Evolutionary Nanotechnology

Quantum GLO™ 40Y Dry is a stabilized, natural source of yellow xanthophylls from saponified marigold extract. It is designed and made with unique nanotechnology to achieve higher bioavailability and absorptivity. 


Benefits of Quantum GLO™ 40Y 

It is a newly encapsulated natural yellow pigment from a self-emulsified microemulsion base with a higher bio-absorbability and bio-availability. It allows a lower inclusion rate, minimum 40% to achieve the desired colour fan score of egg yolk as compared to non-nano carotenoids products with a total xanthophylls of 20g/kg. 


Key Advantages of Quantum™ GLO 40Y with New Microemulsion

  1. Proven advantages of Bio-emulsifier as nutrient (actives) absorption and emulsion incorporated in the new microemulsion. 
  2. Lower Cost of Application and a Patent Pending Product. 
  3. Enhanced solubilizing capacity, lymphatic transport and oral bioavailability.
  4. Stable microemulsion at both basic and acidic condition (wide range pH application).


Mode of Action

Emulsion & Solubilization

Micro-emulsion enhances solubilization capacity, bioavailability, and product stabilization


Quantum Glo Mode of Action 1
Quantum Glo Mode of Action 2

Carotenoids are virtually insoluble in an aqueous environment, and must be broken down physically and held in suspension 

Quantum Glo Mode of Action 3
Quantum Glo Mode of Action 4





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