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millSMART™ Services & Support




In-house Services and Support

Kemin provides various dedicated services and support to customers who adopt the millSMART™ program.



Engineering Services And Support

Kemin Application Solutions (KAS) has all the necessary tools to provide customized application solutions. Kemin’s KAS engineers have undergone strict qualification assessments to develop state-of-the-art applicator systems that meet customers’ stringent specifications. Services and support offered by KAS include:

  1. Conducting comprehensive on-site surveys
  2. Fabricating, installing, calibrating and commissioning
  3. Implementing regular maintenance and on-site troubleshooting


Customer Laboratory Services and Support

Kemin's Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) team provides dedicated analytical support to assist customers in analyzing feed quality and stability. Kemin CLS is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and advanced validated protocols with a rapid turnaround time.



Technical Services and Support

Kemin has domain knowledge experts with extensive experience on feed milling. They assist customers to uncover the source of their problems. They work in partnership with customers to design the right program and conduct in-house trials to validate the mutually agreed benefits.

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