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Revolutionize the application of bio-surfactants

LYSOFORTE™ Liquid is a naturally derived liquid bio-surfactant that is added directly into the oil or fat line during feed production. Mixing the bio-surfactant with the oil and fats early enhances its efficacy and allows the feed producer to standardize the energy value of the oil in combination with the well-known effects on nutrients digestion and absorption.

LYSOFORTE™ Liquid contains lysophospholipids with a distinct carrier. The product is a stable formulation and is easily miscible with fats and oils. It supports a stable emulsion phase in the fat digestion process.


Additional LYSOFORTE™ Liqiud Products Benefits

  • Improve the various steps in lipid digestion: Emulsification, hydrolysis and nutrient absorption
  • Better utilization of the energy from feed raw materials
  • Improve body weight gain or feed conversion ration (FCR)


LYSOFORTE™ Liquid Manages Fat and Oil Variability

  • Improves apparent metabolized energy (AME) value in low and high energy fat diets
  • Reduces the AME gap between low and higher energy fat sources
  • Improves digestibility and absorption of low energy fat sources up to the level of Soybean oil
  • Helps to control feed costs

LYSOFORTE™ Liquid provides a tool for nutritionists to manage variable fat and oil prices by using the product either on top or in re-formulation application.

All of this has been proven in various animal trials. Please contact your Kemin representative for detailed information.


Mode of action of LYSOFORTE™ Liquid

LYSOFORTE ™Liquid molecules bind to the fats immediately after ingestion,when animals ingest feed containing LYSOFORTE™ Liquid, resulting in smaller fat globules that are more easily emulsified together with the bile salts in the intestine. Smaller fat globules mean higher surface areas are exposed to lipases.An increased surface area increases the number of contacts between enzymes and fat molecules. Enzymes are not consumed during their activity, so the same amount of lipases can digest significantly more fat molecules with the aid of LYSOFORTE™ Liquid.

LYSOFORTE™ Liquid benefits go beyond better emulsion of fats.The natural biosurfactant Lysophospholipids in LYSOFORTE™ Liquid have an extreme capacity to form micelles in conjunction with fatty acids and other lipophilic molecules. The micelles that contain Lysophospholipids are betterabsorbed because these special molecules also have the capacity to increase the cell membrane.


LYSOFORTE™ Liquid Application

An application system is made available to assist customers with the application of LYSOFORTE Liquid. This state-of-the-art system has been created to make applying the liquid product directly into the oil and fat line easy and convenient at the feed mill.

Please contact your Kemin representative for specific application advice.


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