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LYSOFORTE™ is a biosurfactant designed to enhance digestion and absorption of nutrients, including fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and fat-soluble nutrients. Lysolecithins in LYSOFORTE™ help reduce the energy required for nutrient digestion, maximize feed efficiency, and provide a significant return on investment.

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LYSOFORTE™ for Dairy


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Improves feed efficiency

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Improves animal performance

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Reduce feed costs

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Increase overall profitability


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Improve Your Profitability With LYSOFORTE™

Feed cost is the most significant production cost. It is key to animals’ performance and crucial for a profitable business. Nevertheless, feed raw materials are prone to price and quality fluctuations. Keeping the cost under control and getting the most out of the feed budget is achievable with LYSOFORTE™.

Increasing the feed efficiency (or lowering the feed conversion ratio) is crucial to increase profitability. It is all about optimizing the performance. As an integrator, producing meat, eggs and milk in higher quality and quantities can add to your profits.


Mode Of Action of LYSOFORTE™ 

Fats are insoluble in water and do not solubilize in the gastrointestinal tract. They must be emulsified before they can be digested. LYSOFORTE™ supports the bile salts to initiate the EMULSIFICATION during which, fats globules are separated from the feed, to be dispersed into the watery environment of the gut.

During hydrolysis, triglycerides are hydrolysed into fatty acids and monoglycerides. LYSOFORTE™ accelerates the conversion rate and helps forming smaller and more stable micelles in the intestinal tract. These smaller micelles can move smoothly through the aqueous environment in the intestinal lumen and can better diffuse through the unstirred water layer contributing to better absorption.


LYSOFORTE™ Improves Fatty Acid Digestibility 


LYSOFORTE™ increases fatty acid digestibility by supporting the bile salts to form smaller and more stable micelles in the intestinal tract. Figure 1 shows the effects of LYSOFORTE™ on fatty acid digestibility.


LYSOFORTE™ Improves Absorption of Amino Acids 

LYSOFORTE™ increases amino acid digestibility by improving intestinal villi collagen and membrane permeability. The following figure shows the effects of LYSOFORTE™ on amino acid digestibility.

Lysoforte Amino Acid Digestibility Graph
Lysoforte Elements

Forms emulsion with smaller droplets

Lysoforte Elements

Provides more exposed surface area for lipase

Lysoforte Elements

Forms smaller and stable micelles

Lysoforte Elements

Enhances permability of intestinal cell wall

Lysoforte Elements

Increases collagen formation and strengthens the structural integrity of the villi

Lastly, recent studies highlighted the role of lysolecithin in improving the gut morphology through cell interactions. Adding LYSOFORTE™ has a direct impact on the enterocyte's permeability, improving the ABSORPTION of all nutrients. Furthermore, a genomic study reported that LYSOFORTE™ also improves the villi collagen.

The intestinal villi are covered with a single layer of absorptive and secretory cells. The more prominent collagen fibrils in the villi that we observed correspond to the lengthening of the villi.

LYSOFORTE™ significantly increases the villi collagen fibers and the villi length in the jejunum. Longer villi would provide an improved absorptive area for the uptake of nutrients. An increase in tensile strength of the villi through increased deposition of collagen fibrils would enhance the overall structural health of the intestine.

Lysoforte Elements

Figure 1. Collagen visualization in jejunum sections

Control feed (left) versus feed supplemented with LYSOFORTE™ (right)


Regain control of your feed costs, reformulate with LYSOFORTE™ 

Using LYSOFORTE™ can help you increase your profitability and save on feed costs.

Kemin provides a recommended matrix value to reformulate animal diets by reducing oil/fats content.

Research confirmed the positive energy sparing effect of LYSOFORTE™ on diets with reduced Metabolizable Energy (ME) values. LYSOFORTE™‘s addition to diets produce a significant increase in Average Metabolizable Energy (AME) compared to non-LYSOFORTE™ treated diets. This results in a substantial recovery of Metabolizable Energy of the reduced (ME) diet through increased absorption of fat. LYSOFORTE™ can help feed producers in reducing the total amount of fats/oil in the diets, while maintaining the same level of animal performance. This results in feed cost savings.



LYSOFORTE™ is a multi-species biosurfactant that improves the digestion and absorption of fats and other nutrients.

Used in swine, LYSOFORTE™ has a wide array of benefits. It contributes to better loin thickness and carcass quality, as well improves feed efficiency. In sows, few benefits include:

  • Increased milk production
  • Reduced number of non-productive days by reduction of backfat loss
  • Improves litter homogeneity
  • Increase average body weight of the litter at weaning

In piglets, LYSOFORTE™ improves:

  • Growth and feed conversion
  • Average daily gain
  • Digestion and absorption of fats


In layers, LYSOFORTE™ has proven its efficacy to:

  • Egg production due to better absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin E
  • Increases egg size and egg weight due to better absorption of linoleic acid and methionine
  • Egg yolk pigmentation

In broilers, LYSOFORTE™ has proven its efficacy to:

  • Provide high performance over the whole life cycle
  • Increase average daily gain and body weight
  • Improve feed conversion
  • Improve meat quality
  • Improve carcass quality
  • Reduce abdominal fat pad


LYSOFORTE™ can also be used in ruminants’ diets. In dairy cattle, it provides:

  • Higher milk production
  • Increase daily butterfat yield
  • Improves overall digestion of feed including fibers
  • May help reducing bypass fat for the same or better level of performance

In beef and calves, LYSOFORTE™ improves:

  • Body weight gain
  • Feed conversion



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