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About Kemin Industries

Kemin is more than an ingredients supplier. 

We are a global biotechnology company with an Asian hub in Singapore and manufacturing facilities in Singapore and China. We are compelled by curiosity and committed to transforming the quality of life for people, pets, and the planet.

Kemin is the science inside countless products you interact with every day. We create solutions that help strengthen your health and wellbeing. We provide nutrition and immune support for your pets and production animals. We safeguard the planet’s natural resources and are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact—and we believe in protecting the global food supply chain for generations to come.

At Kemin, we are always looking toward tomorrow. We are compelled by curiosity, human imagination, and scientific innovation to help shape our ingredients company and how we serve our customers now and in the future.

We look beyond what is to see what could be. 

Our Markets as an Ingredients Supplier in Asia

Our science, spirit of innovation, and servant leadership have driven us to make things better for people, pets, animals, plants, and the planet. 

Kemin puts the future in focus through transformative innovations and sustainable practices to improve life today and tomorrow, primarily through our work in these markets:

Animal Nutrition & Health

As an ingredients supplier for livestock, Kemin helps its customers achieve optimal nutrition, feed quality, gut health, and pathogen control.

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Animal Vaccines

Kemin Biologics collaborates with veterinarians and animal health professionals to deliver customized animal vaccination solutions to meet the global demand for safe animal protein.

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Kemin AquaScience is a premium ingredients supplier for high-quality fish feed and premix solutions for sustainable and profitable fish farming. 

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Food Technologies

As a food ingredients company, Kemin makes foods fresher and safer for longer. Our specialty ingredients improve quality, texture, and extend shelf life.

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Human Nutrition & Health

Kemin specializes in providing functional ingredients sourced from plant-based, natural sources to deliver a wide range of health solutions.

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Pet Food & Rendering Technologies

Kemin delivers innovative products and support for leading pet food companies, renderers, and ingredient suppliers.

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Textile Auxiliaries

Under the Garmon brand, Kemin Textile Auxiliaries provides more sustainable product solutions for treating denim and dyeing garments.

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Our Other Markets as a Global Ingredients Supplier

Biofuels & Bio Solutions

Kemin produces enzymes for biodiesel and ethanol production. Kemin is also an ingredients supplier for biocides for air quality and food processing industries.

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Crop Technologies

Kemin’s plant science experts develop effective biological pest control solutions and plant health technologies that serve the specific needs of commercial growers.

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Kemin Vision and Mission


We strive to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with our products and services.

Kemin Mission

Kemin is a global manufacturer providing local, innovative nutritional and health solutions for a changing world. Kemin will act in partnership with our customers to fulfill their needs and expectations while achieving mutually profitable results. Kemin will achieve our mission by placing the needs of our customers first, creating technology at the molecular level and fostering continuous improvements in our people, processes, and products.

Our commitment to making things better for people, pets, animals, plants, and the planet has driven us to new innovations and advancements in science. As we expand into new areas, Kemin remains loyal to what led us here: our commitment to science, our spirit of innovation and our belief in serving others.

Corporate Sustainability

As a global company, Kemin has made it a priority to reduce our carbon footprint and safeguard natural resources.

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Social Responsibility

Kemin is dedicated to creating a better future through charitable giving, nonprofit partnerships, and engagement in our communities around the globe.

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History of Kemin

Kemin is a family-owned business that began in 1961 in Des Moines, Iowa. Learn how it has grown into a global business with a large presence in Asia.

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