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Customer Laboratory Services

Seeing is Believing


Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) helps customers understand, maintain, and achieve greater quality in their feed and feed ingredients by providing technical support services using advanced analytical techniques and state-of-the-art instruments.

The CLS team conducts:

  • Analysis to evaluate the customer's product needs and recommend corrective actions through the use of Kemin products.
  • Analysis conducted also generates objective numerical data to support our claims for improving animal nutrition and performance enhancement through the use of Kemin products.
  • The CLS team adds value to our customers through training workshops customized to their needs. We have also developed several on-site assessment test kits to enable customers to carry out analytical testing and observations on their own within the shortest possible time.





How Can CLS Help You?

  • Tailored scientific support
  • State of the art scientific studies, dedicated lab experiments and high-quality research
  • Translation of big data into relevant information
  • Visualisation of the mode of action of various products to demonstrate the added value

This service enables the optimal application of the Kemin products through developing unique solutions with tailored laboratory services comprising various microbial and chemical analyses.


The CLS Team Provides Value Throughout All Phases from Manufacturing Through to Customer Implementation by Assisting With: 

  • Product inclusion levels
  • Ingredient and product troubleshooting to assist our clients with their product quality
  • New ingredient and product development assistance
  • Analytical support applied for research and quality control support




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