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Myco CURB™

Overall protection for preserving grain quality


Myco CURB™ - Mold Inhibitor

Myco CURB™ is Kemin’s brand of mold inhibitors that are uniquely formulated with a synergistic blend of propionic acid and other organic acids for effective mold inhibition.

The application of Myco CURB™ is a well-established practice for preserving feed and grains from mold contamination. Stabilization of the feed and grains with Myco CURB™ secures the optimal nutritive value in the feed materials and achieve long-term feedstuff storage stability.


Safeguarding Feed Against Mold

Mold growth in feed and feed ingredients remains a significant challenge in the animal industry. When molds grow, they consume feed nutrients and produce toxic mycotoxins that can impair animals’ growth and health development. The rejection of moldy feed can lead to huge financial losses for feed and animal producers.


Features of Myco CURB™

  • Synergistic blend of propionic acid and other organic acids
  • Engineered with Kemin’s Buffer Technology and Surfactant Technology
  • Long lasting mold inhibition effect
  • Low volatility and pungency
  • Reduced corrosiveness
  • Highly soluble in water with low viscosity


Benefits of Myco CURB™

  • Highly effective in suppressing mold growth in the feed for long-term storage
  • Safe for users to handle
  • Low corrosivity and friendly to the feed mill equipment and facilities
  • Ease of application to the feed or feed ingredients


Myco CURB™ Variants

  • Myco CURB™ AW Liquid – This product is designed for pellet feed. It is used in the MillSMART™ program to improve the milling efficiency and extend the shelf life of the pellet feed.
  • Myco CURB™ Extend Liquid – This product is specifically developed for grain treatment to preserve the grain quality during storage.
  • Myco CURB™ Liquid – This is the first-generation mold inhibitor formulated to preserve feed and grains for extended storage.


Myco CURB™ mold inhibitors are suitable for use in all feed types, including poultry, swine, ruminant and aqua feed.



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